KAVA passes proposal to have Stargate in the ecosystem

Kava Origin Foundation earlier proposed to host Stargate in the ecosystem. The community has passed the proposal by a huge margin. An exact figure is yet to be shared. Rest assured, the integration is going live in the days to come, and Kava has announced this news.

The Foundation has requested to have a single pool in the initial phase – USDT. It will comprise Polygon, Optimism, Ethereum, Arbitrum, Avalanche, and BNB Chain. How special this launch is can be estimated by the fact that the Foundation is looking forward to having a 2-year grant distribution.

It will have guaranteed funding of 500,000 KAVA to be distributed over two years on a monthly basis. The funding will operate on top of Kava Rise, a program that is tasked to drive innovation and transparency for developers who are driving adoption on the network. The upfront grant will be 50,000 KAVA as a kickoff grand.

More than 25,000 KAVA are estimated to be rolled out every month from Abracadabra KAVA incentives.

To make sure that the Stargate launch is a success, KAVA plans on hosting a robust marketing campaign. The goal is to maximize the benefits of cross-chain and interconnectivity missions. The Foundation will highlight the revolutionary feature of Stargate to make sure that the immense value goes out to the public.

Kava is leveraging the benefits already. This includes empowering businesses, facilitating smoother capital movements, and connecting the digital economy.

Once integrated, it will open a number of revenue streams and gateways for Stargate DAO. These were previously not accessible, for there was a lack of connection between the Cosmos ecosystem and Stargate.

The success will be finally measured by the transfer of USDT between different ecosystems. This means between Kava, Ethereum, and Arbitrum, among many others. Users are sure to receive all the benefits – flexibility and efficiency. These will be exclusively available at the time of transferring USDT across the mentioned blockchain networks.

Steps to integration are currently unavailable, expected to be shared after the moment Stargate actually appears on Kava.

Kava Network brings together scalability and speed as a layer-1 blockchain. This relates to Cosmos SDK with the developer support dedicatedly to Ethereum. The network empowers developers to work on projects that can drive the growth of Web3 and next-generation blockchain technologies. Needless to say, this is through a unique co-chain architecture.

Kava Network is governed by KAVA, the native token. The same was last seen being traded at $0.9649. It is difficult to estimate where the token will head in the times to come. Assuming developments like these keep happening, the token could surpass the mark of $1 by the end of 2023. Obviously, this is an estimate that can go either way. Meaning if volatility plays a larger role, then the value can even go down from its current standings.

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