Kawaii DAO 2.0: Reimagining Kawaiian collaboration on the Kawaiiverse

The Kawaii DAO 2.0 idea sparked in 2022 began with the key purpose of developing and improving the system for Kawaiians and allowing them to raise their voices in developing the Anime Metaverse. 

With this new DAO, every opinion, request, or idea can be shared with community members with a lower KWT requirement. Wallets with 10,000 KWT can raise their voices in Kawaii DAO 2.0.

To prevent all instances of spam, the limit has been set to one proposal per account per week. In this new DAO, users with similar ideas can contribute their voting power to the proposals of others, thereby propelling them to the top of the suggestion chart. A proposal that receives 1 million KWT in voting power will be automatically added to the community pool and voted on in the future. Users may vote on as many proposals as they wish, as there is no limit. The Kawaii team will request their active participation in expressing and exchanging reasonable opinions to create a wonderful and sustainable Kawaiiverse.

Click New Proposal or Kawaiiverse DAO to view or exchange opinions. Share an idea to improve the Kawaiiverse’s habitat, features, Kawaii Island, and activities. Every account should have at least 10,000 KWT (including wallet balance, island voting power, farming tokens, and staking on both Kawaiiverse and BNB subnets) that has not been submitted to any DAO in the last 7 days. Submit the proposal for community voting. For more votes, users can share their proposals on Twitter and Telegram. Since this step has no deadline, a proposal can linger as long as needed.

Click the Kawaiiverse DAO, Dashboard tab, then Dashboard Section for individual voting. Vote for an idea the user supports to move it up the suggestion chart. There is no minimum KWT or time limit for voting once a proposal hits 1 million KWT and is moved to the community voting pool. Sharing, commenting, and voting on proposals is open to everyone.

Community voting is accessible via Kawaiiverse DAO, the Dashboard menu, and Community Vote. Proposals with 1 million KWT in voting power, both the creator’s and the community’s, are automatically moved to the Community Vote area, where community members vote on future applications. Members vote on a proposal for seven days during community voting sessions.

Most straightforwardly, every proposal goes through two voting rounds: individual and community voting. After reaching 1 million votes in the individual round, it enters the community round for the ultimate decision. 


The comment function is another highlight of this novel DAO. In the near future, all committee members can discuss each proposal. This will help creators finish their contributions or show multiple perspectives on a topic, which may lead to stronger proposals. It will be easier to peruse proposals and track user-interested fields with various topic tags, speeding up the process.

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