KDDI joins the list of validators on Oasys Blockchain

Oasys Blockchain is on the way to achieving its mission of promoting the adoption of blockchain technology. Known for establishing successful partnerships, the blockchain network recently added KDDI to the list of validators that SoftBank entered on February 16, 2023. Under this partnership, the Japanese giant, KDDI, looks to explore opportunities for gaming and entertainment via collaboration with the network.

The development of KDDI follows the launch of αu – Alpha U, a metaverse service where users can unleash their creativity. Products and services offered in Alpha U include music, streaming, art appreciation, and virtual shopping, among others. Users are also at liberty to explore the marketplace and digital asset wallet in KDDI’s Alpha U.

Other validators on the list are Ubisoft, SEGA, Yield Guild Games, and Bandai Namco Research, to mention a few. All validators, including traditional and blockchain gaming, come from different backgrounds to stabilize and secure the Oasis network.

Shunpei Tatebayashi, the General Manager of the Business Incubation Development Department at KDDI, has expressed the commitment of KDDI by saying that the Japanese giant will work with Oasys Blockchain in redefining the boundaries of Web3. Shunpei has added that KDDI brings to the table experience in communications infrastructure for the purpose of supporting the blockchain.

The GM at KDDI has appreciated Oasys for maintaining a successful record of its partnerships with Japanese companies that work in the domain of gaming and entertainment.

That makes Oasys the perfect contender for KDDI to partner with as a validator. Both will now work in the Web3 domain to help the Japanese company develop an area dedicated to gaming and entertainment in the virtual world. Alpha U is driven by the community, which constantly showcases its creativity. Anything that will come in the future with KDDI and Oasys will surely surpass that image for a better user experience.

Daiki Moriyama, the director of Oasys, has responded to the statement by Shunpei with equal enthusiasm. Daiki has said that it is an honor to partner with KDDI, especially since it has watched the venture drive growth in the digital ecosystem of Japan.

Daiki has concluded the statement by stating that everyone at Oasys is looking forward to future collaborations that will enhance the stability and security of the network while pushing the boundaries for entertainment and gaming.

Oasys is betting on adopting blockchain technology to achieve its mission of bringing the world on board with blockchain gaming. Partnerships like these accelerate the efforts of Oasys. Since they are mostly with brands with a renowned industry reputation, it only helps the cause that Oasys has kicked off.

Established in 2022, Oasys has done a commendable job of partnering with many brands to make them node validators. It is backed by the mechanism of Proof-of-Stake. KDDI offers 5G and IoT services in Japan. A slight pivot in the direction of Web3 will surely help the brand rise better in the industry.

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