Introducing Keninah Concord, the New Cryptocurrency for Sustainable Donations

Make Your Donation Transaction a Sustainable One

Keninah Concord breaks into the crypto market with charitable endeavors at its heart. Cryptocurrency has had a huge historical impact on charity donations. Over $10 million is thought to have been raised for Ukraine, while the real figure is likely to be even higher. To achieve this, a UkraineDAO was created, and an NFT of a Ukrainian flag was sold for millions. Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency Dogecoin raised $30,000 for the Jamaican bobsled team to enter the winter Olympics in 2014. 

Keninah hopes to encapsulate this spirit, making charitable transactions as easy, safe, and simple as possible. By making the process smooth and accessible, Keninah aspires to increase the number of charity donations being made.

Paired with this ambition, Keninah is dedicated to making its local and international transactions as sustainable as possible. With a lowered carbon footprint, this cryptocurrency stands out from the crowd.  

What Is the Keninah Roadmap?

The first essential part element of Keninah’s roadmap was the Core Team Formation. A group of passionate individuals with a wealth of experience in a similar project formed a core Keninah group, foundational to the coin. The next stage for the coin will be its first event, featuring high-net-worth individuals.

Phase Two will feature an MVP release. This protocol is designed to meet all the essential requirements for Keninah Concord to be fully and effectively operational. The second token offering will therefore happen with a fully functional product. Following this, there will be a beta version release; it will be listed on exchange sites, the team will expand, and the finalized product will be rolled-out.

Keninah Concord Is Coming Soon

How Will the Keninah Token Work? 

The structure of $Keninah makes it unique from other tokens. A smart contract, which usually has a fee of 10% on each transaction, has been embedded into the token. This means that this 10% can be redistributed elsewhere. 4% goes back to all $Keninah holders, 3% is split equally between KEN and BNB to fund the liquidity pool, and 3% is donated to the $Keninah charity wallet.

Keninah Concord (KEN)

All About the Presale 

In total, there are KEN available. 18%, or 900.000.000, will be allocated to the first presale stage. Following this, 375.000.000 will be available at Stage Two, which is 7.5%, and 225.000.000 at Stage Three, only 4.5%. Tokens are available for purchase on PancakeSwap, and they have a special bonus available, purchase $KEN within 30 minutes of signing up and receive 40% more!

Keninah Concord (KEN)



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