Kenya’s Gen Z Embrace Bitcoin Amid Finance Bill ‘24 Protests

  • Kenyan youths find a safe haven in Satoshi Nakamoto’s freedom coin, Bitcoin, amid the Finance Bill 2024 protests.
  • BTC contributors in Kenya call on the youths to educate themselves on BTC and decentralized finance.

Kenyans led by Gen Z have taken to the streets to reject the government’s proposed Finance Bill 2024. The protests have been one of a kind, tribe-less, gender-less, party-less, and unfinanced by outside forces. The goal has been one: to end the taxation power of the IMF, World Bank, the United States government, and colonial masters.

Kenyans embrace Bitcoin & crypto as tax oppressions kick in

For the better half of June 2024, millions took to the streets all over Kenya against the controversial finance bill recently passed by the Kenyan Parliament. On the 25th, protestors breached the parliament in a bid to take back their financial power.

Kenyan financial and tech savvies have taken the opportunity to depend on a path already laid out by Satoshi Nakamoto – Bitcoin.

Kenya has often been hailed as a hub of tech innovation in Africa. It is one of the biggest crypto markets on the continent, often dubbed the “Silicon Savannah.” 

A user on X (formerly Twitter) named Bitcoin Ekasi @BitcoinEkasi calls for Kenyans to embrace money that the government cannot control. Ekasi tweeted, “We need a people’s revolution. And we can not do that without people’s money—money that isn’t controlled by any government. We can not do it without Bitcoin.”

The dawn of decentralized finance freedom

The financial revolution comes amidst a fresh push for crypto adoption in Africa. The push aims to help youths create job opportunities and trading experiences in Africa’s 54 countries.

There has been a growing conversation about BTC adoption amongst youths. Bitcoin Dada spoke to The Kenyan youths to this end: “To the Kenyan youths standing up against oppression: Educate yourself about Bitcoin and the power of decentralization.”

On June 26th, the Kenyan President, William Ruto, conceded to the pressure and refused to sign the bill. However, today, Kenyans woke up with a new mission: to have the president resign as they match “occupy State House.”


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