Kenya Relies on Labor Commodities for Forex Profits

To amplify Forex profits, The Trade Principal Secretary representative of Kenya declared that the administration bodies have decided to strengthen the payments of the diaspora community through labor trades. The business plan for Forex aims to enhance the structure of the diaspora payments from Sh340 billion to Sh1 trillion on a Year-On-Year (YoY) basis.

Kenya’s newly launched program was elaborated at a press conference on Friday, June 18, 2021, at Murang’a Bosco Training Centre. The intent is to achieve employment overseas of proficient workers of more than 30,000 by 2022. Presently, Kenya is funded through diaspora payments worth Sh.340.

The Principal Secretary of Trade has initiated this plan to accelerate job employment on International Waters. Kenya has built an alliance with the representative authorities of both labor and educational institutions to set this plan in motion. This business strategy will cultivate assurance of skills expected from the new workforce in International firms.

Kenya’s training strategy has a young force of above 90,000 students spanning throughout the country for varied courses on vocational coaching. Reports have cited that from these students, 50,000 were operating without any knowledgeable experiences. This strategy is a component of Kenya’s leadership action for Rapid Results to increase the employment rate of the country’s international workforce. There was a dire need for a knowledgeable workforce. Therefore, the plan of action for an educational agenda was set in motion for Kenya’s citizens on home soil and international grounds.

The ambassador of Qatar based in Kenya has been approached, and Kenya has agreed to the admittance of a knowledgeable workforce to the South Asian nation. This agenda will be a lucrative offering for those aspiring students who don’t get to have an Ivy League education.

The Trade Principal Secretary representative will be interlocking the Saudi Arabia ambassador as well on a reciprocal stand for this business agenda. Presently, conversations are being developed in Saudi Arabia through Kenya’s Trade representatives. The mistreatment of Kenya’s citizens in Saudi Arabian firms will also be addressed in the meet-up with the government’s official representatives. However, when it comes to the women’s workforce, the numbers have been low for this agenda.

Bridging the gap of unskilled labor in the country is orchestrated by two representative organizations: The National Employment Authority and the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA). This business agenda was inaugurated to accelerate the fiscal growth of Kenya through a knowledgeable workforce in the country and overseas.

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