Kepithor Studios returns to Enjin ecosystem with ENJ Excavators

Kepithor Studios has reestablished a connection with the Enjin ecosystem, a free-to-play game that offers players the opportunity to mine for cryptocurrency rewards through its ENJ Excavators. ENJ Excavators is currently available on Google Play.

Enjin Blockchain is now operational and ready for an upgrade; Kepithor Studios is employing ENJ Excavators to investigate the enhanced Enjin ecosystem and reintegrate into the Enjin community using its tools.

Nick Franklin, the founder of Kepithor Studios, asserts that the partnership between Enjin and the ENJ Excavators will significantly advance the ecosystem and provide additional benefits to their preferred NFTs. 

Late in February 2024, ENJ Excavators announced the launch of its Enjin Blockchain platform. Since then, there has been a palpable exhilaration all around. 

The fact that every single Goblin Drill Squad NFT has been sold demonstrates the ENJ Excavators’ remarkable success. Furthermore, an absolute claim exists regarding the Goblin Cart NFT Beam scheme. Through aggressive media coverage, ENJ Excavators successfully accumulated over 100,000 impressions on social media platforms.

An ENJ Excavators is a customized, free-to-play crypto game. The game provides players with the opportunity to mine gems and enhance the efficacy of their mining equipment by scaling them. The arrangement of participants’ positions on a leaderboard is determined by the quantity of gems they have earned. Weekly incentives in the form of cryptocurrencies are awarded. 

ENJ Excavators utilize the managed wallet features of the Enjin platform for the storage of a gamer’s crypto rewards.

Gamers can improve productivity by using their gems to hire people to mine gems. A weekly reset is implemented for the leaderboard, upgrades, and gems.

Offering value to all 15 Enjin Multiverse NFTs, ENJ Excavators is commemorating its reestablishment with the Enjin ecosystem. Kepithor Games is subsequently contacting Enjin Multiverse owners to engage in discussions regarding the efficient utilization of their cross-game NFTs.

An Enjin Multiverse NFT has influenced each and every scaling. A 10% multiplier will result from purchasing and expanding the NFT.

In the wake of the triumph of Kingdom Karnage, Kepithor Studios unveiled Kingdom Karnage: Heroes, a mobile strategy game available for free play. Kingdom Karnage: Clicker, a hypercasual mining game, was also released.

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