Kepler Homes and Bakery Swap forge a partnership

Kepler Homes has announced that it has partnered with Bakery Swap. Details of the association or partnership agreement are yet to be made public; however, one can assume that they will bring their favorable offerings to the table to serve the communities well.

Kepler Homes is confident of achieving heights under the partnership. Bakery Swap is a DeFi platform, Launchpad, and Incubator. Earlier, it shared with the community that it would soon announce a Launchpad project. Members sought more clarification; however, it appears they finally have the answers to their questions.

The teaser was created on September 8, 2023, and the latest announcement dates to September 11, 2023.

A partnership with Kepler Homes aligns with its objectives of expanding the ecosystem with reputed players on the list. Base Name Service was the previous partnership that Bakery Swap entered into. Their activities are being planned, and Bakery Swap is likely to tap into the segment of building Web3 usernames for billions of users.

Kepler Homes continues to pursue innovation in the meantime. The platform encouraged its community to join the Passport whitelist in early September. Passport holders can play Kepler Homes Games immediately. Using the same ID as their passport is the sole requirement. It is advised to reuse the same password if it has been forgotten. It should be possible to reset the same value.

A way to earn a spot on the whitelist is by re-tweeting the announcement and tagging three friends in the comment section.

Bakery Swap is constantly making moves to cement its position in the industry. For instance, it last discussed introducing NFTSwap and Punk X, its first collection. Binance Feed gave it the limelight by mentioning a major portion of the NFT-related project.

Bakery NFTSwap has been introduced as a project that is here to revolutionize NFT trading with flexibility and efficiency. It attempts to solve the problem of users having access to limited collections or platforms, most of which lack the required liquidity and/or trading efficiencies. Bakery NFTSwap is backed by an AMM, seamlessly allowing traders to buy or sell their favorite digital asset. It is interesting that users can directly sell the piece at their own price.

The PunkX NFT collection is the first to be listed on the platform. There is no word on whether the platform will expand the listing or stick to it. Going by the announcement, there is a high possibility that the platform will expand its horizons in the coming days.

Kepler Homes and CBase.Finance are co-hosting a giveaway contest. Winners will be awarded 25 NFT CBase Crew Onboarding in addition to 10x Kepler Allowlist. Users who wish to participate must follow both brands on X (formerly Twitter), like the announcement, retweet it, and tag three peers.

Obviously, these are the developments that the communities of both organizations can consider while drafting the terms of their most recent partnership.

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