Kick CEO considers hiring Dr Disrespect for industry expansion

The CEO of Kick, Ed Craven, seems inclined towards the hiring of Dr Disrespect, as it is in the process of onboarding the required expertise for taking the streaming industry to the next level altogether. This becomes clear from excerpts of an interview conducted by esports host Jake Lucky.

The repercussions following such a collaboration may turn out to be manifold. Dr Disrespect has had a rather unconventional career trajectory, beginning in 2020, when Twitch showed him the door. This was followed by his entry on YouTube. Now, with Kick coming into the picture, this may turn out to be his next big jump.

Kick, for its part, has been instrumental in onboarding some of the industry’s best talents. Some of them are xOc, as well as Amouranth and Ninja. The company boasts of having achieved the distinction of reaching ten million user accounts. Therefore, it becomes imperative for Kick to have people like Dr Disrespect to take on tough competition from other illustrious platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. However, there is an issue revolving around Kick’s joining hands with Stake, a casino and crypto gambling site.

On his part, Dr Disrespect is also eyeing Kick as a viable option and has mentioned a contract amount of $50 million. This has set the ball rolling for many discussions related to the viability of such an association, considering that Kick is a relatively new entrant and Dr Disrespect not exactly a role model himself. Despite everything, Craven still seems to be fixed on the idea of hiring the services of Dr Disrespect.

The internet has mixed reactions to this prospective signing. Many people think Dr Disrespect should be paid very well. However, some sound the alarm, suggesting that Kick keep its platform clean to avoid the pitfalls seen by other services. Meanwhile, critics raise questions about the long-term viability of Kick’s business strategy. Eddie is confident with Kick’s approach, stressing their mission to pay streams fairly.

Earlier, the partnership between streaming platform Kick and popular streamer xQc brought excitement and concerns. While Kick offers attractive revenue sharing and relaxed gambling content rules, its handling of DMCA issues raises risks for content creators. Besides, the battle between streaming platforms Kick and Twitch has escalated due to their parent company affiliations. Considering all the odds, it is interesting to see how Kick manages further associations.

Although it is presently uncertain whether the proposed partnership will materialize, one thing is certain. Regardless of the outcome, the streaming industry as a whole is about to undergo enormous changes, with each competitor seizing the opportunity to stake their claim.

Trevor Holman

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