sets out loose rules, wins over Twitch’s streamers

Kick and Twitch battle is far from getting over. If anything, it will only intensify in the days to come. Making this obvious is the recent development by Kick, wherein the platform has signed a multi-year agreement with xQc. Also, the rules are pretty loose at the moment, allowing creators to mint hefty paychecks for their accounts.

The rules are loose when it comes to what kind of content streamers can share with their community. Not that there is an unnecessary rise in abusive or vulgar content, but the fact that creators can stream uncensored content makes one wonder about the potential restrictions that may ultimately be introduced.

Kick has, so far, been able to lure Twitch streamers to its side. Most of them are minting heavy paychecks. For instance, xQc has signed a 2-year agreement worth $70 million with the streaming platform that was launched in December 2022. If reports are to be believed, then it carries an add-on incentive of $30 million to bring the actual amount of the agreement to $100 million.

This has been roughly echoed by his manager, Ryan Morrison. The incentives are linked to his performance. This should not be a matter of concern since he already has a community of 12 million subscribers. xQc is known for playing video games and interacting with fans. He is infamously known for streaming movies and series like Breaking Bad. It is understandable that he streams gaming content. What precisely puts a dark shadow over his image is the other kind of content.

That constitutes copyright infringement. Kick is yet to identify and filter such content. Once identified, xQc will have to take a huge hit over his content line-up. Until then, he is all set for a massive paycheck.

Another streamer, managed by the same manager, is making their way to Kick. Kaitlyn Siragusa is also on OnlyFans. They have signed a contract worth $7 million. However, if incentives are to be considered, then their final payout could touch $30 million. There is no word on the duration of the contract.

A shift to Kick has come amid Twitch taking a major portion of subscription income. The number stands at 50%, leaving the other half for creators. This has irked many to find an alternative. Enter Kick and Amazon-backed Twitch is struggling to keep its creators together. The Kick-Twitch debate is only expected to go on as more streamers consider making the switch. Kick is currently taking 5% of the income.

Craven, who is the owner of one of the best crypto casinos,, who is also the CEO of Kick, has highlighted that the financials are supported majorly by advertisements, helping them to bring down the income they earn through streamers directly.

What’s not working for Kick is its image that is attached to, an online betting platform. It has been assumed that creators who are making the shift are, in one way, supporting gambling among their fans. The counter-argument is that they do not promote gambling content and hence, do not really contribute to it.

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