Kick-Twitch debate: Uncovering the ethical dilemma and streamer perspectives

The war between Kick and Twitch has taken an ugly turn for their links with the parent company. Launched in March 2023, Kick reportedly shares its links with Stake. Twitch, on the other hand, has Amazon as its parent company. It has been accused of violating human rights on several occasions. This is just the tip of the iceberg, and two notable Twitch streamers have more details to share.

These are Pokimane and MoistCr1KaL, or simply Moist.

Pokimane has been vocal about the battle for a long time. Right from the moment, the links between Kick and Stake came to light. They have also been supportive of Twitch. With the recent argument in the picture, Pokimane has shared her thoughts and taken a decisive stance.

During a live stream, a user asked her if she would consider making a move to Kick for $10 million. Pokimane’s response was indeed a strong one, conveying that she would rather make $0 and keep her dignity than move on to Kick.

That should have ideally settled the debate then & there, but things went far when she engaged on a call with xQc. It was all about the ethics of Kick, and the call ended in an impasse.

Pokimane’s strong stand also came when she claimed that Kick was actually good for Twitch and also responsible for bringing money to the platform. Why? One has the right to ask; Pokimane said that Kick makes money for Twitch by ultimately using its services. These are the offerings that Twitch can actually stop providing whenever it wants to.

Moist has indulged more in an argument, even going to the extent of stating that Amazon is not different from Kick. Therefore, signaling that Amazon is equally an evil company.

This is where Moist explained that Amazon had been accused of violating human rights and exploitation of its workers. He further asked why it was okay for Amazon to redirect its customers and encourage them to become Prime members and seek Twitch viewing benefits.

Ostonox has described Kick as a platform that is working for an illegal gambling subsidiary whose ultimate aim is to funnel more people toward gambling websites.

Stake and Kick have not yet countered this argument. Moist, however, has pointed out that he was merely comparing to bring out the hypocrisy. Moist further added that Twitch advertises Amazon all over the platform and incentivizes its viewers to subscribe to its Prime services. Stake, in sharp contrast, is not advertised anywhere on Kick.

Moist believes that both companies are equally bad. It is the customers or the streamers who are opting to assume who is less evil.

A few strong arguments, but they have gained traction nonetheless. The community is looking if Kick is diverting its viewers to different sites for cryptocurrency gambling. Ed Craven, the Co-Founder of Kick, has denied allegations and assured that they are not driving viewers to any gambling website.

Kick is under the limelight also because it reportedly committed to offering fame and discovery in the gaming world. This followed the news about Kick entering into a partnership with xQc for their mutual gambling interests.

MoistCr1TiKaL and Pokimane have spoken their minds out on Kick versus Twitch. Official comments from the platforms are awaited.

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