KING meme coin explodes 130% but trails DigiToads that is set for 10x growth by 2023 end

With all the trails a successful meme coin should have, DigiToads is ready to become the golden ticket that takes its investors to a promising future.

In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, staying ahead of the game to keep your portfolio fresh is essential. Having said that, what can be better than adding trending meme tokens to the portfolio that can multiply their portfolio’s value while bringing in consistent profit returns? DigiToads, a meme coin capable of the same, is going big in the meme world as it heads toward becoming one of the top ten cryptocurrency projects in 2023. But are more meme coins trailing DigiToads, a new meme token worth 10x profit gains by the end of this year? Most likely, yes!

With new and emerging meme tokens like KING trailing TOADS for its early success even before the official listing, the KING meme coin exploding 130% is no surprise. But what does this growing demand for TOADS and KING bring to the investor’s and holders’ tables? Let’s have a look.


DigiToads (TOADS), unlike traditional meme coins, take pride in being a DeFi token with multiple utilities. It is a toad-themed memecoin actively seeking profit-generating opportunities, distinguishing itself from other meme coins by being an actual use case token.

TOADS, DigiToads native token, is a model DeFi token supported by an NFT-based ecosystem and engaging tokenomics. DigiToads (TOADS) has a variety of profitable ventures built into the project for investors. It offers a fun play-to-earn game that users can enjoy while earning. It provides an NFT staking mechanism that attracts investors through residual income. 

The project is also ready to launch its NFT collection of 3500 art pieces. These NFTs can be bought, sold, traded, and even staked. Given that 2% of every TOADS transaction goes into the staking pool, staking TOADS NFTs may result in greater rewards for holders. The more time an NFT is staked, the more value it will accrue for its owner.

But the fun and benefits of being in DigiToads swamp don’t end here. Instead, Toad Cade, a popular pay-to-play game, also introduces exciting gaming and winning opportunities for all gaming enthusiasts in the swamp. Players can rely on their digital toad pets, each of which possesses its skills and abilities, to help them win fighting battles against other players. 

To double their chances of winning, players can feed and strengthen their DigiToad pets with special food and potions that can be purchased with the game’s primary token, TOADS. TOADS tokens are the primary token that powers all operations in the swamp, as they are used to purchase physical goods and digital toads.

DigiToads DAO treasury is another selling point, especially for fans of top altcoins. As one of the trending altcoins to watch, TOADS offers its holders a rare opportunity to earn rewards through gameplay, as 50% of the funds raised from selling in-game items will be allocated to the prize fund and distributed to the top 25% of players.

This meme coin project has risen to the top for all its exciting features, contributing to its successful presale phase. Furthermore, the absence of a vesting period and support for a diverse range of digital assets (including USDT, BUSD, SHIB, DOGE, SOL, BNB, LTC, etc.) as payment methods have helped the project become more accessible for investors during the ongoing presale phase. 


KING meme coin

KING, a new meme coin, is another of the best crypto projects entering the meme world, trailing DigiToads in its early success. This meme coin combines AI and meme coins by introducing its community to the crypto world via enthralling NFTs.

While the project, like DOGE, lacks a formal team and roadmap, KING is gaining traction for its high-quality NFTs based on popular meme coins, combining the trend of AI, memes, and NFTs on a single platform. 


Today, many new and emerging meme tokens are gaining recognition for their unique utilities and meme coin approach. KING meme coin is among such best crypto tokens gaining recognition, especially with its token demand rising in the crypto market. 

With this already launched meme coin seeking new heights in its value and bringing optimistic future hopes for its investors, experts believe DigiToads, already a recognized name in the meme world, early success has led to this extraordinary demand for this meme coin. However, still, TOADS remains ahead of the race for its endless use cases, strong community, and the ability to 10x increase its value by the end of 2023. 

For more information on DigiToads, visit the website, join the presale, or join the community for regular updates. 

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