KingData Integrates with Polygon for Blockchain Data Solutions

KingData is quite excited to announce  its partnership with Polygon, which will help the former to provide blockchain data solutions and public chain research.

As a leading blockchain data analysis platform, KingData will  collaborate with Polygon Ecology, leading to help with the contract resolution services for the ecosystem’s 200+ applications, as well as leverage the platform’s advantages of presenting data of Polygon ecological to KingData users in a more clear and intuitive manner. The integration will also help in assisting users in monitoring, tracking, and analyzing project data, further helping to gain connection in creating projects and achieving mutual benefits.

Polygon is the most widely used Ethereum scaling and infrastructure building platform. Its expanding product suite provides easy access to all main scaling and infrastructure solutions, including L2 solutions (ZK Rollups and Optimistic Rollups), sidechains, enterprise chains, hybrid solutions, data availability solutions, etc. With more than 7000+ applications, 1B+ total transactions completed, $5B + in assets secured, and 100M+ unique user addresses, Polygon has spread its scaling solutions.

Polygon aims to provide a sidechain solution to alleviate some of the issues that the Ethereum network has, such as high transaction costs and a lack of community control. Polygon is an Ethereum-based Layer 2 solution. This sidechain is not intended to be an “Ethereum killer” but rather to aid Ethereum’s efficiency, size, and utility.


KingData is a multi-dimensional data collection and tracking tool that enables trading. Users may identify new projects, as well as track the chain’s data dynamics in real-time to uncover the finest investment prospects.

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