Kingdom Game 4.0 Has Announced Strategic Partnership with DeFiYield

Kingdom Game 4.0 and DeFiYield have collaborated in the form of a strategic partnership. Through this collaboration, both look to further strengthen their footsteps in the market.

The strategic partnership between Kingdom Game 4.0 and DeFiYield is expected to bring a lot of opportunities in financial applications. The news was broken to the global community by Kingdom Game 4.0 through a blog post, where it highlighted that the platform has all the intentions of maintaining the collaboration with DeFiYield for a longer time.


DeFiYield goes beyond the market of the United States of America. Reportedly, it sits on the global market of more than 1 billion potential users. This is an opportunity that it aims to grab for a better future.

For that purpose, DeFiYield plans to continue working on four factors, namely accessibility, ease of use, risk mitigation, and yield-seeking technology. DeFiYield was launched in August 2021. It has achieved a lot since then, especially with the quarterly growth of more than 100%. The platform welcomes more than 400k views every month and has grown in terms of total user assets connected, a figure for which comes to more than $3.5 billion.

Kingdom Game 4.0 operates as an infrastructure provider for blockchain and non-fungible tokens. Coined as a pioneer, Kingdom Game 4.0 looks to leverage its products to bring blockchain gaming projects a step closer to its community.

With a focus on the creation of a multifunctional platform, Kingdom Game 4.0 is eyeing to create an inseparable connection between gamers, developers, and investors.

Kingdom Game 4.0 x DeFiYield

Kingdom Game 4.0 published a blog post to announce that it has recently collaborated with DeFiYield as its new strategic partner.

In that blog post, Kingdom Game 4.0 described DeFiYield as the first cross-chain decentralized security network that functions with the goal of enhancing security in the DeFi space for all the users spread across the globe.

DeFiYield is constantly looking forward to working on the development of a crypto asset management dashboard and fully automated smart contract security scanner. The crypto asset management dashboard, in particular, brings effectiveness and safety to DeFi investments.

One of the highlights of the strategic partnership of Kingdom Game 4.0 and DeFiYield is providing a launchpad to DeFiYield for the launch. KingdomStarted Launchpad, a platform for all blockchain projects, will move a step forward to assist DeFiYield in the matter, enabling all the tiers to buy the tokens.


In return, Kingdom Game 4.0 will earn access to the ecosystem of DeFiYield. This includes Kinglive, among many other amazing features. Kinglive is an NFT Gaming streaming platform that integrates the NFT marketplace.

Both partners have agreed to mutually share inputs in each other’s marketing plans while sharing crucial resources like technology and information. The collaboration will allow Kingdom Game 4.0 and DeFiYield to expand their respective communities and offer optimized benefits to their users.

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