Kitty Party Integrates Price and Chainlink Keepers and Feeds for Better Experience

Chainlink Keepers and Chainlink Price Feeds have been incorporated into the Polygon mainnet by Kitty Party, a DeFi platform aimed toward onboarding Web3 beginners. With this integration, Kitty party will now have access to Chainlink Keepers’ secure smart contract automation solution to reduce Kittens’ manual labor by leveraging the industry-leading decentralized oracle network. Kittens may now view real-time currency conversions of their own currency with the help of Chainlink Price Feeds, making a move to Web3 even easier. In the end, this contributes to a more user-friendly experience, which is critical for onboarding the next generation of Web3 users through the usage of Kitty Parties.

With the support of Chainlink’s tried-and-true oracle architecture, the Kitty verse continues to grow. The Kreator only needs to set up a Kitty Party through a sequence of transactions, then utilize a referral link for inviting strangers to join and use the Kittyverse’s inbuilt DeFi feature. This includes backend integrations with loan platforms like Aave, as well as the no-loss raffle mechanism already supported by Chainlink VRF.

Kitty Party is the world’s first assisted-DeFi platform, with the goal of increasing DeFi adoption to a mainstream level. The project combines NFTs, DeFi, and Gaming.

Previous Kitty Parties had a major flaw in that newcomers needed a Metamask wallet to authenticate a transaction, which then let them access a specific Kitty party via a registry.

Chainlink Keepers are one of the highly dependable smart contract automation solutions processed by DevOps teams that are now securing $50 billion in smart contract value for the DeFi economy. The reason behind their need is that these smart contracts lack the capacity to trigger functions out of the box. Rather, they require the assistance of an external entity to manually trigger and call functions on their behalf.

Chainlink Keepers assist in triggering updates for Kitty Party registries so that new members can be added when they join.

Different Benefits to outsourcing the task to Chainlink Keepers are

  • Decentralized Execution- Chainlink Keepers eliminate the risks associated with manual operations and centralized servers by providing reliable, trust-minimized automation with no single point of failure.
  • Increased Efficiency- Chainlink Keepers allows projects to spend less time on DevOps and streamline all development workflows.
  • Reduced Costs- Chainlink Keepers allow developers to build feature-rich dApps at cheaper costs by doing efficient off-chain computation for smart contracts.


Chainlink acts as the industry standard, helping to access and sell oracle services, which are required to run hybrid smart contracts on any blockchain. Smart contracts are able to connect to any external API and use safe off-chain computations to enable feature-rich apps thanks to Chainlink oracle networks.

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