Klaytn Adds 8 New KLAY-based Blockchain Applications

Klaytn, the leading blockchain project of Internet firm, Kakao has announced the addition of 8 new ‘KLAY BApp’ services to its revolutionary platform with an intention of proliferation by encouraging mass adoption of its blockchain ecosystem.
Earlier in June, the firm released the first batch of 9 KLAY BApps. This group included a blockchain gaming platform, Biscuit’s ‘Knight Story for Klaytn’ which was an updated version of ‘EOS Knights.’ It also included a digital pet collectible game named ‘Axie Infinity’ which was the product of Vietnamese firm, Sky Mavis Pte. Ltd. With the addition of 8 new amazing applications into the Klaytn network, the platform will have a total of 17 KLAY BApps.
In the first stage, Klaytn will work with Korea-based weneepl’s Trading Card Game ‘Crypto Legends.’ The gaming portal renders the gamers with the golden opportunity to use their blockchain-backed digital cards as their assets. With a view to inducing more and more users, weneepl is striving hard to present Crypto Legends as an e-Sports game studded with an array of lucrative services.
Another gaming solution which is a part of the process is Skypeople’s collectible Role-Playing Game ‘FiveStars.’ The platform allows the players to create their individual game tools while indulging in the farming process. These game items will be free to get converted into non-Fungible Tokens by the users.
The other KLAY BApp Partner which will be joining the platform will be ‘PlayDapp’ which is known for offering game services like ‘Crypto Dozer’ which grabbed the spot of No.1 Ethereum game DApp in the past. Also ‘Dozer Bird’ and ‘Dozer Treasures’ will be available for the users on the Klaytn blockchain.
Other popular game partners of the KLAY BApp include an arcade game ‘Battle Racers,’ a dating simulation game that allows one to discover a mermaid interestingly on an island ‘EVOLUTION,’ as well as ‘Terra Virtua,’ a digital collectibles solution.
Jason Han, who serves as the CEO of Ground X, stated that

We are excited to be working with global blockchain service providers to further strengthen our ecosystem.

He added,

As Asia’s No. 1 blockchain platform, we will offer high-quality, user-friendly blockchain services for millions of users.

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