Klean Industries Introduces Decentralized Blockchain DApp For Waste Management

With the growing crucial climatic challenges and mass extinction calamities, the necessity to reinvent modern industrial practices has emerged like never before.

With the technical advent, waste management related problems have made the situation even worse than ever. Klean industries a forerunner in waste management has reportedly announced an innovative blockchain-based platform to tackle this problem.

Klean industry “Klean”

Klean industries have a conscious approach towards providing innovative solutions for waste management. Klean’s EPR initiative (Environmental procedure responsibility) with Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) offers secure, efficient, and practical solutions to tackle recycling management problems.

With its 60 years of expertise in this field, its KleanLoop platform (A decentralized Waste Management commodities and services exchange) has come up with an innovative solution with the KleanLoop DApp (Decentralized app with recycling industry data).

KleanLoop blockchain-based solution manages peer to peer transparent economic solutions for various waste and energy problems with their proven cutting edge technology applications.

KleanLoop DApp platform

This multi-platform distributed application offers users to exchange e-waste with minimum transactional intricacies and more efficiency with open access to the requisite data.

Under this interface, KleanLoop would be able to eliminate malpractices under the current management system enabling users with all-through access and authority of trading within the process.

Aim of the application

Klean aims to form an open and transparent market place to trade and provide services regarding waste management. It also focuses on the technology used in the decentralized application to curb pollution levels and infiltrate waste to get cleaner natural resources. The company uses a network of agents to minimize the wastes with collective efforts.

AI Analytical software – Arnold 

The integration and analysis of the data with the AI analytic software Arnold will deliver valuable real-time outputs with transparency and accuracy. The KleanLoop DLT will be an intermediary for secure and fast transactions with lesser transactional charges.

How will it work?

Arnold uses graphic recognitions to identify network users and sellable e-waste. Once the deal is final, the KleanCoins will be paid to the buyer. It will follow two way model of transactions using bidding and daily market.

Specifications of the KleanLoop Platform

  • Direct access to real-time data and other transactional detailing.
  • Advancements towards a transparent and open market hub to encourage competition.
  • Motivational incentives to regular and genuine users.
  • Trading is hassle-free and secure.
  • Lower operational costs with more efficiency.

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