Klever Allows Apple Pay to Buy KLV & Crypto

Klever, the renowned crypto wallet recently announced to add Apple Pay as a payment method officially. The move came to play after Klever’s integration with Simplex, global fiat-to-crypto sensation, and Klever’s strategic partner.

With the market comprising over 500 million Apple Pay users, the move is bound to enhance the overall crypto proceedings. The announcement paves the path for users to easily invest in Klever and other cryptos, proving it to be a huge step for the crypto industry.

Apple Pay is already a renowned functionality, and the fact that approx. 45% of Americans who own an iPhone displays how big of an impact the integration will incur. The integration is accompanied by the latest 4.1.9 Klever update, opening a world of opportunities for global crypto investors.

As per Dio Ianakiara (Klever’s CEO), the millstone will allow the platform’s current best capabilities to go even further soon. It will help establish a secure, intuitive, and simple environment where users can routinely trade crypto.

Furthermore, Nimrod Lehavi (Simplex’s Founder and CEO) also expressed his delight on the matter, stating that Simplex is dedicated to making the world crypto-friendly, and the integration will serve as a stepping-stone towards the same.

Klever is already a prominent name in the crypto circle as a multi-crypto wallet with a user-friendly interface, security, and smart trading solutions. And the implementation of a reliable and secure payment method in the form of Apple Pay will cement its position even stronger. The statement is well-supported by the fact that Klever is already setting records in terms of daily active users (150K) and overall downloads (2.5million), helping the mass adoption of digital assets.

Simplex is also known for helping the crypto community with an extensive range of global partners. Constantly producing intuitive solutions leading to crypto adoption is routine for Simplex. It recently launched a Banking solution, helping users trade crypto worldwide by using local payment methods.

Even with a global clientele of crypto ventures, Klever is undoubtedly Simplex’s most profitable partner, considering how the partnership merely initiated in December 2020.

Both Simplex and Klever are well-known advocates of crypto in the modern market, frequently releasing new methods to expand worldwide. Their strategic partnership recently led to Klever integrating Apple Pay as a viable payment method to trade KLV and other cryptos.

The move came at a crucial time as Klever is already enjoying a rich active user base worldwide. With an update on the way, Klever’s 2.5 million global users will certainly expand, based on the open invitation sent to the 507 million Apple Pay users.

Roxanne Williams

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