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Klever Coming to UAE, Integrates with ZPAE on TRC20 & ERC20

Recently launched 4th Gen crypto wallet Klever announced on Sunday that it has integrated with ZPAE token on the wallet. In the official tweet it stated that it is coming to the UAE by supporting both of their protocols, TRC20 and ERC20. Klever also added the ‘Charge’ option for ZPAE, which will enable merchants to accept the token for payments. 

Klever is the advanced version of TronWallet, the top ranked mobile payments wallet on Google Play Store in 22+ countries. Since its announcement in July, Klever gained significant traction and popularity, registering over 150,000 downloads within a month. It was launched during the tail end of August, and like its predecessor, it is expected to rise up to be the best among its competition. 

ZPAE, on the other hand, is a UAE focused crypto-blockchain network that aims to unlock the potential for crypto across the Emirates and the greater Middle East region. It provides a decentralized option to users for storing and sharing digital assets, with an option to use AED or other fiat currencies to buy ZPAE. 

The integration will allow ZPAE to support TRC-20 (TRON) protocol, as well as ERC-20 (Ethereum) protocol, allowing access to users of both the networks. Moreover, the integration is especially important for Klever, as it gives it an opportunity to expand its reach and offerings in the Middle East, a region which holds tremendous potential for crypto, though not explored as much as Europe or Asia.

Trevor Holman

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