Knit Finance Enters Into a Collaboration With With Kyber Network

Knit Finance finally announced entering into a strategic partnership with Kyber Network to ensure instant and secure transactions on dApps according to KNC prediction reports. The platform of Knit Finance allows users to gain access to the full potential of decentralized finance by providing a wrapped protocol that acts as a bridge between the entire ecosystem of cryptocurrency and DeFi applications. 

The collaboration between Knit Finance ans Kyber Network will enable the operation of assets of both platforms on multiple blockchains for creating market options and boosting liquidity. As a result of the partnership, Synthetic Tokens and Knit Finance Tokens will be listed on Kyber Network through the capital-efficient and flexible protocol of Kyber DMM. 

Through the partnership between Knit Finance and Kyber Network, Knit Finance will be able to integrate the native token of the liquidity hub into the platform of multiple blockchains. The integration will boost liquidity and create new market options for the assets of both platforms. Apart from working on the integration, Knit Finance is also focusing on enhancing the liquidity of the tokens on the DMM of Kyber Network. The DMM of Kyber is an AMM protocol of the next generation that provides incredibly high flexibility and capital efficiency. 

It is the primary objective of the integration to enable aggregators, dApps, decentralized exchange forums, and other registered users with access to an impressive variety of liquidity pools at the most cost-effective rates. Kyber Network aims to resolve the liquidity issue of the DeFi industry by enabling developers to create and launch products and services without facing any issues of liquidity. The integration with Knit Finance will help Kyber Network to employ the cross-chain interoperability of Knit Finance for allowing the transactions of native KNC tokens across different blockchains as a part of the wrapped token model of K-KNC. 

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