Know All About Crown- Its Features And Benefits

What is Crown?

Bitcoin was the leading coin in the market when it came to investment and payment. But things changed. When it was launched for the first time in the market in 2014, it was called Crowncoin. It was launched as a European centric platform which will facilitate payment and investment. However, the team behind Crowncoin did not stop there. It went a step ahead and launched a self-sustainable blockchain platform. This platform would help build new economy applications.

So one can use this token to pay for the products or services, and it can also get traded against fiat money. The blockchain platform of the Crown utilizes multiple servers in order to facilitate better scalability and security against fraudulent actions. Those who are using this blockchain platform can establish their own incentivized nodes to earn CRW tokens.

The creators of Crown built this platform with a certain vision in their mind. They were sure of one thing. They wanted to install two very crucial aspects of this system. The first and foremost was integrity and the other was transparency. The creators made sure that all the users hold a uniform vision of having a free and decentralized economy boosted and supported by blockchain technology.

Here are the benefits of holding Crown:
It fosters innovation and creativity:

The Proposal system of Crown includes a small part of each Crown block. These parts of blocks are added to the system which operates as a pool of Crown which is made available to the community members to fund new businesses, or projects or to improve the platform. All one has to do is to send the proposal and convince other fellow community members to approve it. Only after getting enough approval the member would get the required amount of funds.


This blockchain platform not only facilitates payment but also serve as a storage space for sensitive information. All this is done with utmost security without compromising on accessibility.

Component of Decentralization and Transparency:

The Crown has its own ecosystem that believes in an open network. The community members of Crown are allowed to influence the system via votes. They can vote on prospective changes, and practices. Due to its open nature, the chances of misusing funds and the related data is lesser.

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