Knowing PascalCoin Inside Out

What is PascalCoin?

It is a next-gen cryptocurrency that offers a new level of scalability. Its scalability is capable of competing with the VISA Network. It does not just stop offering extensive scalability and decentralized application. It has more in its arsenal. PascalCoin takes the blockchain space ahead by introducing a new feature of SafeBox. PascalCoin also facilitates transactions of funds.
PascalCoin has two prime factors: The SafeBox and blocks. SafeBox has all the data of the real-time account balance and blocks are a part of a blockchain. The SafeBox helps in knowing a ledger balance of all users. In the PascalCoin system, a bank account is called PASA and funds are called PASC balance.

Here are the features of PascalCoin
Unlimited Scaling

As we have seen above, it comes with infinite scalability. It keeps only the recent 100 blocks of the blockchain without compromising on its security. It achieves this by using the SafeBox. SafeBox keeps the data of account balance. Forging SabeBox would be hard even for the network as it demands re-mining the entire history of blocks. And as we have already seen, the network keeps only the latest 100 blocks. So rather than storing the whole history of transactions, it saves the flow.

Instant Zero Confirmation Transactions

As PascalCoin is a state-backed currency, its Zero confirmation transaction is better assured and are much stronger than the rest of the cryptos like Bitcoin and other UTXO-based coins. However, n case of more significant numbers, confirmation is required. In the case of small transactions, things become easier due to Double-Spend-Detection-Service.

Lightning Network is Not Required

As the system is already providing zero confirmation transfer of funds, lightening network has a very small role to play. Zero confirmation mechanism of the system is stronger, faster and the security component is equally good.

Account Names and Types

Here users can have account names which will be unique and visible to the public. This makes fund transfer easier. Account numbers are given more priority but having a visible name makes the process easier.

Monetized API’s

Due to assured Zero-confirmation, it is able to come up with Monetized APIs. Monetized API is a new age decentralized application.

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