Komodo’s Atomic Decentralized Blockchain Exchange Integrates Dash

Komodo, a pioneer in the multi-blockchain platform, has launched its new project- decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, AtomicDEX incorporating with Dash. This end to end exchange will facilitate the crypto customers for trading mutually without any third party intrusion.

AtomicDEX presently supports several cryptocurrencies and plans to integrate more. All the transactions and swaps are user-friendly and real on this exchange. AtomicDEX was exposed to public beta phase recently, which makes it available for anyone to download on iOS or Android systems.

Komodo AtomicDEX (DynX) has massive plans for expansions. It has been integrating many currencies with community-driven methodology.

More about Komodo AtomicDEX

Komodo is a composable cross-chain platform. AtomicDEX is its 3rd Gen technology of decentralized exchange replacing the previous version BarterDEX.

Atomic swap technology is a unique P2P form of trading, offering user-friendly operations with a high level of security to the users. Along with Litecoin and Bitcoin, it is an important player in the process.

More about Dash

Dash has become as the base currency of the DynX at the beginning of this year. Dash’s co-founder Miguel credited this success to the huge user community and the successful portfolio of Dash.

Even after opposition from other coin establishments, Dash has been growing tremendously and is being listed on decentralized exchanges like Bisq, DashNearby, DynX, Dashous, Wall of Coins, etc.

NovaDAX a Brazilian cryptocurrency exchange has integrated Dash comprising fiat trading pairs and competition for users to get free Dash. Also in 2019, it has been integrated with Nigerian platform CoinCola which has simplified the local trading of exchange of Naira for Dash.

Dash is expanding rapidly in South America and has been listed on the exchanges like Coinbene, 3xbit, XDEX as well.

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