Korea Game Industry Association releases a new market report

The Korea Game Industry Association recently released a new report on European game market laws and regulations.

The report, titled 2023 Global Game Policy and Legislation Research, was jointly created with the Korea Creative Content Agency. The publicly available report summarized gaming-related laws and regulations in six Western European nations.

These countries include the Netherlands, France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, and the UK. It also includes details such as rating classification, protection of minors, standard terms and conditions, payment and refund regulations, personal data protection, etc.

The report states that foreign operators are not required to gain special permission, install a server, or designate a local agent to operate a local gaming business. These details were laid out in detail for every nation in the report.

For example, the report regarding Germany dictates that content glorifying or justifying Nazi-related activities will be prohibited.

Similarly, regulations on random items are only prohibited in Belgium. No additional regulations will apply to NFT game items or P2E crypto games. A survey noted that the government has not presented any standard terms and conditions. That is why the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is applicable there.

Kang Shin-cheol, the Korea Game Industry Association’s president, talked about the development. According to Shin-cheol, the association is seeing results with the cooperation of the public-private sector. The collaboration has fetched overseas game market data for every content and nation while securing a database.

Authorities will keep working to help the domestic gaming industry grow. The president of the association will also partake in these activities, added Shin-cheol.


The report is available for everyone on the official websites of the Korea Creative Content Agency and the Korea Game Industry Association.

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