Kraken CEO Powell Explains Crypto Slang to Understand the Crypto Coded Terms

Crypto communities use crypto slang more often nowadays, naturally, for more convenience. Crypto slang is no longer alien and awkward hauls for the crypto communities.

Jesse Powell, Co-founder and CEO of Kraken, elaborates on how slang has now been an inseparable part of the discussions with Christina Yee, Chief Brand Officer of Kraken. Slang has been integrated so much so that they are no longer considered as slang anymore.

Kraken Exchange wants to connect more crypto enthusiasts to its network. As part of its mission, Jesse has introduced a “Crypto 101 Series” to educate the crypto enthusiasts in a simplified manner. Jesse answers all crypto-related queries with a friendly and casual approach.

Here the meaning of some frequently used slang:

  • Wen – Wen probably has come from the Dogecoin community. When someone says “Wen moon,” it means “WOW” thing, an appreciative remark.
  • Wen Limbo – getting rich with crypto or crypto rich who can purchase a luxury car like Lamborghini.
  • Sats – short form of Satoshi Nakamoto and it’s the shortest unit of Bitcoin which is considered as 1/8th part of Bitcoin
  • One satoshi = 1/8th of the Bitcoin
  • HODL – Hold
  • Shitcoin – The coin which is disliked by someone for any subjective reasons

Apart from the above terms, some animal slang terms are quite popular in the crypto world.

  • Bulls Bears, Fish, Sharks, Whales are some of the animals popularly remembered by people in slang.
  • Whale – a Whale is a person who is a big crypto trader or business player in the crypto industry.
  • Fish – Fish are the people who trade in very small quantities.
  • Bullish – A positive expectation that the value of coin or assets is going to increase.
  • Bearish – An expectation or prediction that the value of digital assets will go down.
  • No-coiner – No-coiner is someone who doesn’t have crypto assets.
  • Noob – a Noob is a person who doesn’t have any positive associations.
  • Rekt – Rekt is used for someone who has suffered big money or assets.


Kraken is one of the trusted, reputed and best cryptocurrency exchanges France and even one of the oldest in the world. It allows users to trade cryptocurrencies online under its highly secured network. Jesse Powell founded the company in 2011 and he aspires to include people from all walks of life into their network and offer them cryptocurrency trading and investments to gain financial freedom.

Through a new initiative for the inclusion of more people, Jesse comes up with a guiding series to assimilate the crypto world.

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