Kraken Initiates Trading of Siacoin (Sc) From October 9, 2019

Sia Network, the owner of the digital token Siacoin (SC), has made it official through an announcement that the leading crypto exchange Kraken will be listing the token from October 9, 2019, on its reputed platform.

According to the news, Kraken will foster deposits and withdrawals for Siacoin (SC) on its portal at approximately 13:30 UTC right from October 9, 2019, Wednesday. As soon as the platform enables the funding, the first trade will get started. This is because the sell orders cannot be initiated until and unless the deposits get cleared. The trading pairs which are available for the users include SC/USD, SC/EUR, SC/XBT, SC/ETH.

The SC token will be available for Kraken, Kraken Pro, and OTC, while Kraken Futures and Margin Trading will not come under the purview. To have a detailed knowledge about one of the best crypto exchanges France, visit here.

Steps Involved In The Deposition:

  • On the official page, navigate to the funding option
  • Select “Show all assets” option or Search for SC
  • Then click “Deposit” next to Siacoin (SC)
  • Next, generate a deposit address and transfer SC to the created address

About Sia Network

Sia network is a reputed decentralized cloud storage solution that shines as a user-friendly platform with no signup required, no servers, no trusted third parties. It employs the potential of blockchain technology to render a data storage marketplace that is powerful, reliable, and more affordable than the basic cloud storage providers. The solution operates on its own blockchain which aids in buying and selling data storage on the network.

The platform leverages unused hard drive space for the users around the globe to come out with a decentralized ecosystem. The files are distributed across various redundant nodes while facilitating uptime and elimination of single points of failure. As per the stats, storing files on Sia network clubs up to 90% less costs in comparison to the centralized cloud storage providers. Storage of 1TB of files on Sia platform costs about $1-2 per month which is quite negligible in comparison to the $23 cost charged by Amazon S3.

Important SC Token Stats Figures

Price History Data

  • SC tokens are mined only
  • All-Time High: $0.111708 USD (Jan 06, 2018)
  • All-Time Low: $0.000011 USD (Dec 01, 2015)
  • Current: $0.001500 USD (Sep 26, 2019)
  • Market Cap: $61.2M USD (Sep 26, 2019)
  • Circulating Supply: 41.82B SC
  • Total Supply: 41.82B SC

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