Kuailian Ecosystem: Helping Consumers Leverage Full Potential of Blockchain Tech

Talking about the biggest developments of the bygone decade and skipping the discussion about cryptocurrencies would be a big mistake on our part. Making a smashing entry in the financial world in 2009 with the launch of Bitcoins, cryptocurrencies brought a new revolution with them. Ever since their inception cryptocurrencies have come a long way and have undergone a chain of developments and innovations. Today, blockchain investments have become an apple of the eyes of large business entities and money poolers.

Blockchain is a comparatively new technology and so the tools required for its operations, and the knowledge required is restricted to the hands of a few. To change this, Kuailian was developed. This article will give an insight into the platform’s working details.

Introduction about Kuailian

Addressing Kuailian as a mere blockchain platform would be an underestimation on the developer’s part. Kuailian includes an advanced, high-tech crypto platform studded with an extensive suite of digital currency services, a robust cryptocurrency trading exchange, a free learning hub, as well as a blockchain charity foundation (coming soon). In simple words, it is a one-packed solution to all your crypto problems.

Created by a dedicated team of entrepreneurs, programmers, and experts of the crypto world, Kuailian strives to leverage the excellence of blockchain technology through robust products and unprecedented services to one and all.

It is registered in Estonia which shines as one of those countries that have the most developed regulatory framework for cryptocurrency-related businesses, blockchain technology services, and its global customer base.

Apart from its excellent core internal ecosystem, Kuailian is known for its true dedication towards honesty and transparency towards its prime objectives. The blockchain records are public which renders the customers with a golden opportunity to consult in real-time all the operations put forward by the firm.

About PoS Consensus Mechanism

Unlike Bitcoin which is based on the Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism, Kuailian works on Proof of Stake (PoS) technology. In a PoS system, the rate of validation of transactions on the blockchain network lies in proportion with the volume of coins held by a person.

Kuailian works with Master Nodes which validates high-performance operations. Kuailian has divided the Master Nodes to facilitate access to rewards generated by the Smart Pool. Smart Pool is Kuailian’s native solution developed to manage the pool of cryptocurrencies vested by the users in the creation of master nodes.

At present, Kuailian uses multiple consensus technologies including Masternodes, Profit Share, Proof of Stake, Delegated Proof of Stake, Thresholded Proof of Stake, Tendermit, Highway, Byzantine Fault Tolerance (Bft), Non-Bft, Show, Multi-Bft Bft, Asynchronous Bft – Future Casper And Ouroboros, Proof of Agreement, Proof of History, and Proof of Authority.

The platform uses Kuai to channelize the operations on the network. A Kuai is neither a token nor a cryptocurrency rather it works as the unit of measurement of the staking capacity of a license required to use the software for 1,000 days. The returns are directly dependent on the volume of licenses held by the user. Kuailian adheres to a 1000-day long-term staking policy and simple way staking.

How to Access Kuailian?

The three-step process to enter the world of Kuailian is mentioned below:

  • Open a Kuailian account
  • Complete the KYC requirements along with the payment of registration fee ($50.95 in Ether).
  • Purchase the Kuais which are traded for a value of $100 each.
  • Share the space with the Ethereum wallet where you intend to accumulate the daily rewards.

Important Analytics of the Kuailian Network

All the contributions to the Smart Pool are managed by the Machine Learning system which helps in selecting the Master Nodes with maximum profitability and liquidity. It helps in managing the exchange of cryptocurrencies for the best rates. This enhances the efficiency of the overall system.

The use of the Dispersion Smart Contract module, created on the Ethereum blockchain allows the distribution of rewards to the users daily while ensuring the highest transparency standards.

The Kuailian users get the direct returns for verification of transactions and extra rewards in the form of a small percentage of daily returns for contribution to investors who create an affiliate network. This is the affiliation system that is linked with all the services on the platform.

Future Plans of Kuailian

Kuailian aspires to establish a full-fledged ecosystem for its users and so has entered into strategic agreements with market leaders to offer the best financial services. Currently, the Kuailian Bank allows deposition and exchange of fiat money in return for cryptocurrencies. In the future, it will offer high-frequency Quantum Trading and Crypto Arbitrage Trading as well as aims to lay the foundation of a blockchain charity foundation.


Kuailian is a firm designed keeping in mind the requirements of common people who are willing to put their first step in the world of cryptocurrencies. The firm offers the best in class trading services to its customers at a comparatively low cost and highest transparency. Thus, if you are planning to explore cryptocurrencies, don’t hesitate to try it in the Kuailian way.

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