KuCoin and fantomGO Enter Partnership to Support the Fantom Native Token

fantomGO recently announced entering a partnership with KuCoin. The integration will see KuCoin supporting the Fantom Native Token on its platform.

With fantomGO trying to unify innovators, builders, and advocates, the partnership is a strategic move. As soon as fantomGO users received the notification, most of them looked for a KuCoin review to understand how it works.

As one of the most well-known crypto exchanges, KuCoin supporting Fantom Native Token will bring significant exposure to the token. The exchange boasts over 8 million users spread across 200 countries. In addition, almost one in every four cryptocurrency traders uses KuCoin platform.

The numbers showcase KuCoin’s significance in the sector. It is currently the third biggest exchange platform on Coinmarketcap. With 567 billion dollars in transactions and 844 million individual trades, KuCoin is an ideal platform for any token.

The recent integration will allow Fantom Native Token to join the exchange’s approximately 6 billion dollars daily traded volume. As the primary token for Fantom, FTM serves multiple use-cases.

Traders can use the Fantom Native Token for payments, fees, governance, and staking. Since it serves multiple purposes in and outside the network. KuCoin traders will also be delighted with the integration.

Despite the multiple purposes, the primary goal of FTM is to secure the network. The token achieves it via a PoS (proof-of-stake) mechanism. Validators need to hold at least 3,175,000 Fantom Native Tokens to stake and lock their coins. The network rewards the validators with epoch fees and rewards for the service. 

The latest integration will allow FTM to join 500 other digital assets on KuCoin. The 2017-launched exchange is renowned for multiple services like lending, staking, futures trading, P2P fiat trading, margin trading, and spot trading.

The platform was named the best crypto exchange by Forbes in 2021.

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