KuCoin announces to support Zilliqa Mainnet token swap

The Hong based cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin has announced through a tweet on Tuesday 20th May, that they will begin Mainnet token swap for Zilliqa. The exchange has declared that they will keep the withdrawal and deposit services of ZIL closed temporarily only for 21st May, to ensure the smooth upgrade of the process.

The exchange has requested its users to deposit their ZIL token with them, and they will swap them to Mainnet token automatically.

The Hong Kong-based exchange has the most impressive token pair selection for trading. They are reported to have 300 token pairs for trading. The exchange also claims to have the most advanced API in the entire crypto market, although the exchange has deprived US traders of trading on their platform.

The native token of the platform is popularly known as KuCoin shares. It is an Ethereum based token and is supported by wallets that support ERC20. Review about KuCoin reveals that KuCoin uses a high degree of security to safeguard its customers’ wealth. Traditional financial companies inspire the security standards used by them.

KuCoin has its presence in almost all over the planet, but China has not yet accepted it because of its regulatory restrictions. Any government does not regulate the exchange.

Trevor Holman

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