KuCoin Extends Its Mobile-Based Services to 8 More Countries

In his latest tweet, Michael Gan, CEO of KuCoin, tweeted that KuCoin customers from several countries can now register on KuCoin through their mobile phones.

KuCoin 2.0 is one of the top virtual currency platforms in the world. As part of its multinational policy of consistent advancement, it now allows customers from eight countries to use KuCoin services through their mobile phones. This facility includes registration as well as other binding services.

KuCoin will extend its mobile services to countries, including the United Kingdom, Canada, Thailand, the Philippines, China, India, Turkey, and Indonesia.

KuCoin 2.0 Platform upgradation 

On February 18, 2019, KuCoin upgraded its platform to KuCoin 2.0. This upgraded platform includes various cutting-edge features like API, advanced security system, several order types including limit, market, stop, etc. along with a more appealing charging structure, instant and efficient notification system, and self-operative service management system, among others.

The upgradation has helped KuCoin to operate more efficiently across the borders. KuCoin now has been capable of offering services to more customers in various countries.


KuCoin, through new onboard, is the top player among the global digital trading platforms and consistently tries to run ahead in the race. In this very month, Gan has boosted its achievements through a tweet, which includes a new interface, new listings, new fiats, addition of new languages, and new communities.

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