KuCoin IGO to Launch on Friday, Bringing NFTs to Millions of Users

Non-Fungible Tokens, popularly known as NFTs, are digital artistic assets that carry a unique value. NFTs cannot be replaced with other digital tokens. They can be bought and sold over an NFT exchange platform.

Artists from different backgrounds get their digital art listed on the platforms. These may include drawings, music, or any other work of art. The role of an NFT platform is mainly to connect artists with interested traders or collectors. Over the years, NFTs have emerged as a great way to support artists who cannot afford to install an exhibition.


KuCoin is a Crypto exchange platform that was launched in September 2017. Its operations are spread across the globe to cover mainly 207 countries and regions. KuCoin has more than 600 digital assets available on its platform, with 10 million registered users.

Since its inception, KuCoin has earned a reputation by entering the list of top five Crypto exchanges. It was crowned The Best Crypto Exchange by The Ascent in 2022. Prior to this, it was crowned The Best Crypto Exchange in 2021 by Forbes. Some of the offerings of KuCoin include Futures Trading, Spot Trading, and P2P Fiat Trading.

Enthusiasts can explore a lot more by researching KuCoin reviews.

Pikaster is based on the KuCoin Community Chain. It is a card battle game that was created by Metaland. Pikaster enables its players to participate and manage the ecology to earn great rewards.

Metaland has backed the project through its specialization in creating high-quality blockchain-based games, entertainment, social, and sports.

The Launch Of KuCoin IGO

KuCoin is now venturing into the NFT sector by launching KuCoin IGO – Initial Gaming Offerings. The launch is scheduled for April 08, 2022. More details about the project will be announced along with the launch of the project.

Users will be able to trade their favorite NFTs from April 11, 2022, as the first round of sales goes live at 12:00 UTC.

Through the launch of Pikaster IGO, the platform aims to boost the growth of the overall industry, which includes Metaverse, blockchain gaming, and Web3.0. Pikaster IGO will offer access to an exclusive collection of in-game NFTs.

Users from all over the world will be allowed to participate in the process of trading the in-game NFTs. It is estimated that the launch of KuCoin IGO is taking the NFT collection closer to millions of users.

Benefits of being a centralized platform to manage everything related to an NFT will be available to inexperienced and experienced NFT traders alike.

KuCoin is deploying its key elements for Pikaster. The elements include a profit-sharing system, a three-token economy model, and multiple gameplay modes.


Johnny Lyu, the Chief Executive Officer of KuCoin, called Metaverse an exciting topic in the current times. He added that KuCoin hoped to empower the development of Web3.0 through the launch of KuCoin IGO.

The Pikaster Chief Marketing Officer Luffy expressed the confidence that Pikaster would bring into the industry, further calling the decision of launching IGO correct.

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