KuCoin Introduces Blockcloud as Its First Project on KuCoin Selection

KuCoin has introduced Blockcloud or BLOC as its very first project on the KuCoin selection program. The update was officially shared by KuCoin with the crypto community through a tweet, followed by an official announcement post on KuCoin’s website on 23rd July 2019.

Based on different KuCoin reviews and as per its latest post, users will be able to deposit recommended tokens to KuCoin within the specified timeline. Providing further insights, the post stated that if the amount of token along with the number of people making token deposits, reach the requisite amount during this period then a separate announcement will be made regarding the opening date as well as time for trading.

The program requires 2500 deposit users while the total token amount required to be deposited 72,000,000 BLOC. It is slated to begin from 24th July 2019 at 11:00 and run till 26th July 2019, 18:00 of the UTC+8 time zone.

However, in case both the criteria are not satisfied, the listing will be postponed, and a follow-up operation will be disclosed, states KuCoin. In addition, they will also reveal the number of users who’ve made the deposits along with the total amount of deposits on 25th July 2019 at 18:00 (UTC+8) to keep the community updated about the progress of the program.

It’s important to note that KuCoin went on to launch KuCoin Selection program to offer better services to its user base. Through this program, KuCoin intends to meet the project suggestion requirements made by its larger community of users. Moreover, they also aim to enrich and promote the creation of project ecosystem on its platform.

About Blockcloud

Blockcloud is an advanced TCP/IP architecture based on blockchain that offers continuous connectivity for the dynamic networks. Blockcloud claims to be offering better credibility, mobility, security, incentives, scalability, and fairness to the upper-layer apps.

Airdrop Information

To make things more interesting, KuCoin has announced a special airdrop where they will evenly split 4,800,000 BLOC among the qualified users who have deposited 50,000 BLOC or more during the specified program period. The distribution of rewards is slated to be done within three days once the program ends.

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