KuCoin Launched USDT Margined Perpetual Contracts

The crypto exchange platform, Mek Global Limited, widely known as KuCoin.com, announced the launch of USDT margin-based uninterrupted contracts such as Compound (COMP), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Waves (WAVES), Band Protocol (BAND) that favors 1-20x leverage, and results in giving more profit than the market fluctuations. KuCoin has developed the Bitcoin futures platform named KuMEX for making the USDT Perpetual Contracts officially available on the exchange.

The USDT is nothing but a digital token or currency representing Tether, one of the cryptocurrencies issued on the Bitcoin blockchain platform. USDT Token is a stable coin intended to preserve a stable market price compared to the assets to which it is pegged, and this value is computed with the US Dollar. Further, USDT-Margined Swaps are digital asset derivatives from which investors can make profits when used strategically. These swaps result from the rising or falling price of digital assets by working on long or by selling short stances based on their judgment and market analysis.

KuCoin is a blockchain asset trading platform. The legal entity behind the platform name KuCoin is Mek Global Limited. This entity was founded in 2013 by a team of blockchain devotees and developers from renowned organizations such as Ant Financial and GF Securities. It is headquartered in Singapore and is active in the industry since 2013. However, the KuCoin team officially entered the blockchain asset trading service only in 2017 and has been successful since then. It is a crypto exchange trading platform where investors or users can exchange, buy, sell, or trade bitcoin to other cryptocurrencies for profit. As per KuCoin reviews, KuCoin intends to provide investors with digital asset transaction and exchange services with a safer and more convenient environment along with assimilating premium assets worldwide on the same platform.

With KuCoin as an exceptional crypto exchange platform having been launched, the USDT Margined Swaps-based perpetual contracts on KuMEX will provide its users and investors a tremendous opportunity to mint profit and earn rewards through this trading exchange. Contrasting to the Bitcoin (BTC) Perpetual Contracts on KuMEX, all profits, losses, and account balances will be denominated in USDT in this scenario. These USDT Perpetual Contracts will make it simpler and convenient for new players who want to deal in futures trading to make investment decisions using USDT. At the same time, it will also diminish the unpredictability caused by the non-pegged tokens. These contracts will be simple, reliable, and transparent futures as an investment option to be traded on the said platform.

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