KuCoin Ramps Up NFT Market Penetration With New NFT Launchpad

The NFT market is in for some more competition, as the global KuCoin exchange announced the launch of a native NFT launchpad focused on user convenience and empowerment. The new venue powered by the KuCoin ecosystem is set for launch on KuCoin’s native NFT marketplace Windvane on June 20, 2022, with Zzoopers selected as a debut project.

KuCoin is determined to become a leading force in the NFT market, as evidenced by the functionality embedded in the Windvane marketplace. The multi-chain platform will allow its users to mint NFTs, trade their collection, exchange assets, and enjoy their collectibles, all within a single interface. The best cryptocurrency exchange Singapore claims that user empowerment is a key focus of Windvane, ensuring low commissions and a vast selection of projects.

With its advanced features and holistic design, Windvane is set to solve one of the main issues encountered by NFT market participants – the lack of quality project selection options. Windvane will offer users the option of tapping into pools of exclusive projects and gaining access to promising ones selected by the KuCoin team.

The first project to debut on Windvane is Zzoopers – an NFT collectible project created by MetaOasis DAO in collaboration with Season Studio that offers users a range of 5,555 unique animal avatars each endowed with vibrant designs and individual characters. The Zzoopers Genesis NFT collection of anthropomorphic animal characters, including the Tiger, Elephant, Panda, Unicorn, Cheetah, Deer, Fox, Monkey, Penguin, and Rabbit, is set to launch on Windvane starting on June 20.

KuCoin intends to conduct a whitelist event for selecting 500 winners as part of the launch of Windvane. The event is set to take place from June 3 to June 17 through Discord and Twitter.

The launch of Windvane is yet another step in KuCoin’s ongoing efforts at penetrating NFT space and establishing a firm presence as a go-to solution for NFT fans. The exchange team promises that Windvane’s extensive functionality is a core value and competitive advantage that sets the marketplace apart from the many other NFT trading venues on the market.

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