KuCoin Ventures Invests in Antmons in a Strategic Partnership

The blockchain-based real-time game Antmons is set to receive a grand investment from the popular crypto exchange KuCoin. The announcement about the strategic partnership reached the internet on the 31st of March. The new partnership deal was carried out by the investment wing of the exchange known as KuCoin Ventures. The section was created by the exchange to support the growing crypto and web3.0 startups strategically and financially.

KuCoin is one of the top 5 crypto exchanges in the world currently, according to the reports from CoinMarketCap.com. Based in Seychelles, the exchange offers support to more than 600 assets worldwide ever since its inception in 2017. KuCoin is a top-notch exchange platform that leads the market with several trading features, including spot trading, margin trading, staking, lending, futures trading, and peer-to-peer fiat trading. Now, this Forbes listed platform moves towards GameFi with a handsome investment in the blockchain game goes by the title Antmons.

Antmons is a blockchain-based insectoid game that offers an unlimited number of real-time competitions. The game is basically a metaverse that is run by the community that is termed an “adventurists paradise”. In the insect world of Antmons, the players can form their guild and loot more riches. Antmons are the insectoid avatars of the game with different utilities which users can use in the battle with other guilds in the game. The combat attributes of the Antmons are sorted into five categories; Spayer, Tank, Archer, AOE, and Thrower. The game allows you to form clans and alliances to win more exciting gifts than can be used in GameFi.

KuCoin’s investment in this exciting game comes as part of its plans to empower web3.0 and Next-Generation Technology. KuCoin Ventures was created to oversee the assessment of and investment in such potential projects. Along with the funding, the projects that receive the KuCoin grant will get access to what the exchange considers  ‘Deep Insights and Global Resources’. The new investment in GameFi will be mutually beneficial as its 8s also helps the exchange spread its wings into GameFi, which is probably the fastest-growing area on the blockchain.

On the other hand, Antmons’ new partnership with an established name like KuCoin will give the business a firm foothold. The extensive resources, technologies, and knowledge available in KuCoin’s arsenal would be leveraged to strengthen scalability, infrastructure, and gameplay going forward. Antmons expects to allocate a significant sum of funds to research and development with user experience in mind. The integration with a reputable firm such as KuCoin would get the brand value of Antmons in GameFi to a whole new level. With everything being said, there can be no doubt that Antmons will emerge to be a great addition to GameFi with support from KuCoin.

Trevor Holman

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