KuCoin’s Success is Blazing with Double the Power as It Turns Two this 15th!

The celebrations are roaring with a bang. After all, it is the occasion of KuCoin’s 2nd Anniversary. The crypto exchange is young and bold and has been taking the market by a storm since its commencement. On its 2nd birthday, the crypto exchange has announced about a series of promotional campaigns. By far, it has announced about five such campaigns. But the surprises will keep bubbling up even more as we will near the birthday on 15th September.

KuCoin is offering stunning giveaways in its promotional campaigns-

A few days ago, the crypto exchange announced the details of the giveaways that will be offered in these campaigns. A sneak peek into them is as follows-

  • The TRON Project Promotion: KuCoin is going to work with TRON during one of the promotional campaigns. This campaign will run from 11:00:00 on September 16, 2019, to 23:59:59on September 23, 2019 (UTC +8). TRX, WIN, and BTT tokens will be offered. The overall giveaway of this campaign is 150K U.S. Dollars.

Further, as per announcement, ‘Red Envelope Giveaway’ will be offered in the Telegram Communities. Also, an airdrop to KCS holders will take place.

  • Amino Project Promotion: Another promotional campaign is this one. In this campaign, a total of 100K U.S. Dollars will be offered as a giveaway. The campaign will run from 11:00:00 on September 17, 2019, to 23:59:59to September 24, 2019 (UTC +8) and will have AMIO as its official token. This campaign too will have ‘Red Envelope’ as giveaways to the Telegram Communities.
  • The Tokoin Project Promotion- This promotional project will run from 11:00:00 on September 18, 2019, to 23:59:59on September 25, 2019 (UTC +8) and will have TOKO as its campaign token. Overall, a sum of 100K U.S. Dollars will be offered as give away. This campaign will also have ‘Red Envelope’ as giveaways to the Telegram Communities, and the airdrop will be for the KCS holders.
  • The Terra Project Promotion- This promotional campaign will run from 11:00:00 on September 19, 2019, to 23:59:59to September 26, 2019 (UTC +8.) The total amount of giveaway in the campaign is 100K U.S. Dollars. The campaign’s tokens are SD and LUNA. The Terra project will also follow the same suite of having the ‘Red Envelope’ as giveaways to the Telegram Communities. Similarly, the airdrop will be for the KCS holders like other promotional campaigns.
  • The V System Project Promotion: This promotional campaign will run from 00:00:00on September 20, 2019, to 23:59:59 on September 25, 2019 (UTC +8) and will have VSYS as its campaign token. The special thing about this campaign is that the users will get to enjoy the 21 per cent ‘VSYS Soft Staking Return’ as per the KuCoin’s recent announcement. This return will be offered to the KuCoin users who have passed the KYC verification. This return rate is an annual scheme, whereas the staking rewards will be given away every 24 hours.

The Grand Achievements of Kucoin know no Limits!

5Million Registered Users Definitely Reflect the Trust KuCoin has earned. The crypto exchange has pleasantly surprised the crypto space with its steep growth in such a short time span. The rapid growth can be estimated with its 5 million registered users who are based across more than 100 countries.

Top Ranking and the 320 Million USD Trade Volume: Market has seen a constant high performance from this exchange. As a result, the highest recorded trading volume by the crypto exchange is 320 Million USD, and the exchange maintains its position in the top five ranks month after month.

Active Trading on the Go! KuCoin went ahead and released its own app called the- ‘KuCoin Exchange App.’ The purpose is to allow the users to have a handy and comfortable trading experience from any Android or iOS-based device. This is not just another app there. If you check the KuCoin app reviews, it has the listing of more than 180 tokens which includes 400 pairs.

The Statistics Shout Success! The crypto exchange boasts 160 listed coins, 351 total trading pairs, and the highest trading volume of 25,374. Moreover:

  • The crypto exchange has 180,730,576 KCS in existence.
  • There has been a growth of a whopping 750 per cent which has lead to an impressive increase in the value of the KCS in just past 8 months!
  • The value of all these KCS coins is approximately 215,031,465 U.S Dollars.
  • The exchange boasts over 200,000 daily users and 1.1 million active users on a weekly basis. This has not stopped there. It has increased to 374.03 per cent in the last few months.

Breath-taking Giveaways is like a custom at this crypto exchange

Yes, you heard it right! The exchange offers breath-taking giveaways through the medium of campaign giveaways. For instance:

  • Upon trading RPX, the user stands a chance to win PORCHE 911 and also other giveaways worth of 150,000 RPX
  • With Block Array ARY, the user can win MERCEDES AMG and 75 ETH Giveaways.
  • Another one includes Car Vertical Giveaway, which includes TeslaModel S as well as 62 ETH.
  • Another one is Fortuna Carnival, 1000,000 FOTA, and 23 BTC.
  • The final giveaway is the key with 20 BTC AND 2000,000 TKY.

Quality is a priority at KuCoin. The platform offers something called- Special Treatment (ST) area. It’s a place where all the tokens are considered which do not comply with the crypto exchange’s parameters.

Other Milestones: The crypto exchange’s achievements just don’t know any end. The exchange recently re-opened its ‘Referral Bonus Program.’ On the other hand, to maintain the quality of the entire KuCoin ecosystem, the exchange makes sure that every individual, as well as any institutional account, goes through KuCoin KYC verification process.

Such a young crypto exchange has made its presence felt to many of the crypto industry’s giants. The entire crypto industry has a lot of room to grow, given it in itself is a booming industry. And, therefore, the scope for every business and crypto exchange is untamed and can be explored to great heights. On the occasion of 2nd birthday of KuCoin, what better way can be there to celebrate it, other than looking at the wonderful journey covered by far and seeking inspiration to go full ablaze into the future of still greater achievements. Here’s wishing KuCoin a very happy 2nd anniversary and many more to come!

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