Kudos to Crypterium for Pushing the Boundaries & Setting Inspirational Benchmarks

Remember the long-standing tussle between the traditional banks and the crypto industry? Well, in this brand new decade, the old situations will shed off and new possibilities are here to arise.

Let’s welcome Crypterium!

Crypterium, the bridge between the crypto industry and the traditional fiat industry, is here to offer many outstanding benefits to the world of cryptocurrency. It’s a parallel world, where you can use the cryptocurrency in the same manner as any other fiat currency through the traditional methods you are using.

Why Crypterium deserve all the praises?

Crypterium is a one-stop solution for many of your crypto and fiat world needs. Just a little while ago, before Crypterium came into the picture, one had to go to different platforms to buy, store, exchange, sell, cash out cryptocurrencies. It was such a hassle to juggle between so many platforms, fill in their KYCs and AMLs, pay different fees for different platforms, and spend your precious time on all the other formalities.

Well, the all-in-one app ‘Crypterium’ has put an end to all such hassle. It is the one-stop app to all your ‘crypto to crypto’ and ‘crypto to fiat’ needs. With this app, you can use your crypto to buy, sell, store, transfer, receive, exchange, withdraw, and spend anywhere and anytime in the world. Now isn’t that praise-worthy?

How is this app pushing the crypto sphere’s boundaries?

Crypterium has arrived at an exciting time, where the crypto industry needed a catalyst to push it further. The traditional economy wasn’t really ready to embrace the crypto industry due to many points that don’t meet its needs and standards. But, with innovations such as Crypterium, the gates of possibilities have opened widely.

Recently, KPMG and H2 Ventures called Crypterium as the most promising fintech innovator. As per reports, Crypterium is lead by- “former General Manager of Visa Central &  Eastern Europe Steven Parker, and C-level executives from global financial institutions, like Renaissance Insurance, London Derivatives Exchange, American Express,” which reflects that the vision of the company is in the hands of those who know the in and out of the traditional finance industry. Looking at them to handle the crypto-based solution is pretty interesting and promising. This platform offers some fantastic services that include:

Crypterium Wallets:

The 4.8 starrer app, as per app store offers services that include:

  • It allows the user to purchase crypto assets directly from their bank accounts.
  • It offers instant services for receiving, sending, and storing crypto assets.
  • You get the best exchange rates for currencies.
  • It keeps its users updated with the real-time rates.

What else you can do with the Crypterium wallet?

Well, Crypterium one can enjoy instant local and international transfers and skip the traditional waiting time for confirmation on the blockchain. Just to top this feature, the app also generates wallets automatically for its users and send a link to the receiver to retrieve their money. Isn’t that so much convenient?

The app has ensured to keep the regular wallet to wallet transfer methods intact to offer its user a good choice on transfers and exchange.

Crypterium Card:

Crypterium offers a global feature card, called ‘Bitcoin Global Card.’ The card is sure to become your favorite crypto card. Why? Well, it offers so many stunning features:

  • It’s available in more than 178 countries.
  • It is recognized by more than 50 million merchants and shops across the globe.
  • You can swipe this card in a swag at more than 2.5 million TAM machines across the world.
  • It offers both online and offline services.
  • It allows you to spend crypto anywhere and anytime in the world.

How to get it?

Just download the Crypterium app. Immediately after you make your account, your digital Bitcoin Global Card awaits you. You can request a plastic card copy of the same card from the app. It gets delivered to any address worldwide.

Let’s talk about CRPT Token:

The Crypterium payment platform is powered by CRPT tokens. The company has shared that with every payment, 0.5 percent of the value of the trade in CRPT is taken and burned. The number of tokens depletes with every transaction. It can’t exhaust the eventual number of tokens as the gradual increase in the demand will also increase the price, which will balance out the number of tokens that may get burned.

How to get CRPT tokens?

The Crypterium app allows you to buy the CRPT tokens directly from there. Another way to get these tokens is to get them from the following exchange:

  • KuCoin
  • Liquid
  • HitBTC


2020 seems to be packed with great surprises. Just in the first month of the New Year, we have got Crypterium, which is loaded with features to make users’ experience more effective, easy, instant, and not to forget—secure. The bridging factor of Crypterium between the traditional finance industry and the crypto industry is merely incredible and holds a great promise for further advancements in the crypto industry. This app should also set a benchmark of inspiration for other innovators to push the boundaries in the crypto sphere even further.

Roxanne Williams

Roxanne Williams has recently joined as a market reporter for CryptoNewsZ - the 24/7 crypto news site, where she produces recent stories, technical analysis and price updates on world's leading cryptocurrencies.
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