Kyberdyne Partners with SWFT Blockchain for Easy Payment and NFT Trading Activity

Kyberdyne, the forerunner of the blockchain game 3.0, has announced that it would work closely with SWFT blockchain, a cross-chain flash exchange, along with the NFT marketplace aggregation service.

This partnership is going to benefit both parties’ user experience and community ecology. Through SWFT’s experienced technical support, Kyberdyners can enjoy a smoother and faster flash exchange and NFT trading experience. SWFT blockchain community users can enter the Kyberdyne universe as a result of this collaboration, where they will be able to enjoy the top quality blockchain games 3.0, also discover actual value-add in Kyberdyne NFTs, and gain profit from Kyberdyne’s P2E ecosystem.

SWFT Blockchain, a cross-chain flash exchange aggregation platform for DEX/CEX/NFT on-chain and off-chain aggregation, was founded in Silicon Valley in 2017.

This collaboration is a critical step toward the goal set by Kyberdyne of being the dominant metaverse NFT aggregation platform in the blockchain game 3.0 era. SWFT blockchain technical expertise and community resources will considerably aid in the implementation of our mission. The firm is waiting to see Kyberdyne progressing toward a greater aim.

Kyberdyne, the blockchain game 3.0’s forerunner, is a true F2E (Free to Earn) blockchain gaming environment. The cyberpunk art style and tale background in the desolate world are featured in this unique 3D superb next-generation blockchain game. Simultaneously, Kyberdyne is turning into a complete NFT metaverse with endless possibilities thanks to the special NFT aggregation protocol engine.

In the universe of Kyberdyne, every NFT card is unique, allowing players to utilize numerous characters to construct their own battle squad, and they can take risks and earn money at any time.

The Kyberdyne development team carries an experience of over 15 years in game development expertise, having worked on AAA titles such as Assassin’s Creed, Dragon Nest, and Dota 2. With its extensive knowledge and available resources, the Kyberdyne team intends to create a truly groundbreaking blockchain F2E game.

SWFT Blockchain is the first project of the University of California Berkeley Blockchain Accelerator and has attracted funding from top-tier venture capital firms in the United States, including Draper Dragon. It has formed partnerships with a number of industry leaders over the last four years, and its flash exchange API is available in wallets, including Ledger, MetaX, TokenPocket, and Bitkeep.

SWFT has a sophisticated risk management system in place to protect user assets, and there has never been a security breach in the last four years.

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