KyberSwap expands to LineaBuild mainnet soon!

After a successful trial run, Linea is on track to make Ethereum more scalable. Today marks an important step forward as they start enrolling launch partners.

Today, Linea took a major step in KyberSwap’s mission to create an Ethereum system with greater scalability. The alpha version of the network of zkEVM rollup is now being introduced onto the mainnet.

After seeing an impressive 5.5 million unique wallets participate with 46 million transactions taking place on the Linea testnet, it is now amongst the most popular and rapidly growing projects running on Goerli. This particular week, they will be welcoming their launch partners prior to making the network available for anyone to join during ETHCC.

It combines the security of proofs with the capability of EVM or Ethereum Virtual Machine, meaning developers can create or move existing decentralized applications without any need to rewrite code or modify smart contracts.

The team of Linea has made modifications to the main components of zkEVM in order to make the alpha version of their network available. The changes made have resulted in a noticeable increase in performance, consumer experience, and transaction costs, which ultimately demonstrates their dedication to creating an Ethereum (L2) layer 2 rollup that is safe, efficient, and easy to use.

Linea is introducing a large network of collaborators in order to give users, developers, and builders the capacity to create Ethereum dapps with more speed and at a lower cost than existing L1 platforms. This alpha version offers faster performance as well as reducing fees more than 15 times compared to other networks. In addition, MetaMask plans on making Linea available for their famous Bridge, Swap, and Buy capabilities through Portfolio for even greater integratio, which Kyber Network believe is a game changer.

This week, partners who make the move to the release of alpha will be able to take advantage of a wide range of new applications that can be scaled up, such as gaming, identity verification, decentralized NFTs, and other social networks. 

KyberSwap aims to enhance the trading experience of DeFi users by collaborating with LineaBuild, tapping into the capabilities of Linea. Through its aggregator, liquidity protocols, and yield farms, it will provide a trading experience that is both more efficient and cost-effective.

The alpha launch is a significant milestone in KyberSwap’s progress toward creating an efficient, fully decentralized, and scalable network. In this phase, it will gradually bring on partners and consumers while closely tracking the performance of the system and aiding developers who are working to expand its features. This initial release will be our first operational mainnet version which can serve as a practice system for users who want to gain experience in real-time applications. We’re taking steps to ensure everyone’s safety while they enjoy the opportunities presented by Linea’s live usage.

In order to strengthen backing and encourage more users to embrace Linea, KyberSwap has organized a MegaAMA event. This event will showcase the team from LineaBuild, as well as other partner protocols. The purpose of the event is to engage in meaningful discussions, share valuable insights, and explore collaboration prospects with Linea’s experts. Additionally, there may even be exciting incentive activities offered during the event.

On June 13, 2023, a major update to the v0.2.0 of Linea Alpha was put into effect in preparation for the mainnet launch. This upgrade changed some of its core elements and included a few features such as batch conflation which decreases the cost for verification on L2 blocks, an improved version of the Message Service with push execution instead of pull, Postman SDK release, and cross-chain system message execution as well as new Token Bridge that provided a token of N-N ERC20 bridging and reserved token registry. 

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