KyberSwap introduced KyberAI, the power of technology for trading

Traders in the crypto world see changes every minute of the day. That is courtesy of volatility. However, that largely affects the way someone trades or merely attempts to gather the data for understanding. This is a problem at large that the community of Kyberians will no longer have to face.

KyberSwap has introduced KyberAI, powered by technology and AI mechanisms. It is a suite of tools that have been designed to help traders in their activities, irrespective of their experience. Meaning seasoned and new traders will have access to all its functions for the same benefits. KyberAI has been introduced with a commitment that it will help decisions that are driven by data while also uncovering hidden trends.

More opportunities in the world of decentralized finance will open up in an environment that demands traders to be thoroughly informed for quick decision-making.

It is still recommended to conduct thorough market research and analyze how the price moves on the graph. Moreover, the tech-based trading tool by KyberSwap will help take some pressure off the digital environment.

The two features that KyberAI sports are KyberScore and KyberAI Indicators.

KyberScore combines the data for on-chain and off-chain. The function has been trained on the trends of 2,334 tokens by considering their historical data. KyberScore is able to table the probability of bullish or bearish trends in the market in the next 24 hours. It majorly leverages the potential of artificial intelligence for a better and more informed decision-making process.

KyberAI Indicators look into the on-chain and off-chain availability of crucial data. For instance, it covers trades, details about whales, and holders under the on-chain indicator. Similarly, it covers the aspects of market and pricing data through off-chain indicators. Coming as a bonus is the power of interactive TA live charts. The function exposes a suite of technical tools to help traders better analyze the trend.

Moving forward in the Kyber Network future, traders can expect the introduction of KyberSwap Aggregator and KyberSwap Limit Order.

Aggregator brings the best rates in DeFi trading by routing trades from multiple sources. Limit Order, on the other hand, empowers traders to trade on their own terms. They can set the time of entry and exit from the trade while automatically instructing the platform to execute a particular trade.

Monitoring the market will no longer be necessary; however, traders may still want to keep track of the movements and changes for effective results. Anyone can integrate KyberAI into their trading strategy. First, they must identify the token, then look for a signal from KyberScore, and set a short-term strategy for trade. Finally, bring together all the indicators to make better trading decisions.

The waitlist is open for all the traders who are interested in trying KyberAI. They can do so by visiting the official platform of KyberSwap. Currently, in beta, KyberAI will soon be rolled out for the entire community.

Roxanne Williams

Roxanne Williams has recently joined as a market reporter for CryptoNewsZ - the 24/7 crypto news site, where she produces recent stories, technical analysis and price updates on world's leading cryptocurrencies.

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