KyberSwap Launches Fresh Condensed Liquidity Yield Farms

KyberSwap makes the grand announcement of its introduction of a fresh and futuristic set of condensed liquidity mining on KyberSwap Elastic, with the addition of a further 12 more farms, to be in a position to bring about effective changes on the capital efficiency front and also to substantially increase earning possibilities and opportunities for providers of liquidity, on Polygon. 

Also, it has been meticulously calculated and ascertained that liquidity providers will instantly become the proud beneficiaries of more than 120,000 KNC in the form of liquidity mining rewards in the first phase of this rolling out. A further promise follows to make them the beneficiaries of much more scope of earning higher incentives in times ahead. 

It is imperative at this point to have a keener insight into the functionalities of Polygon. Polygon, in actuality, is a scattered and distributed Ethereum Scaling platform that works towards providing for developers to create upgradable user-friendly dApps effectively. 

The highlighting feature of this, however, is in understanding that these creatives will occur with marginalized transaction costs and all factors pertaining to connected security issues. Polygon also gives the added advantage to all developers by providing referrable studies and programs they can utilize for configuring and creating their custom-made blockchain. 

In this scenario, all liquidity providers will benefit from having multiple options, considering 12 eligible pools on KyberSwap Elastic to select from. This will, in turn, assist the liquidity providers in deepening liquidity on Polygon and, in the bargain, the prime opportunity of earning KNC incentives. 

Trevor Holman

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