KYVE and Synternet join hands to simplify real-time and historical data

Together, KYVE and Synternet are leveraging the capabilities of the Interchain Stack to usher in a new era of centralization mechanisms for blockchain data—both historical and real-time. 

With the help of Interchain Stack,  two blockchains—Synternet and KYVE have joined forces to guarantee that all data types in Web3 are freely accessible to all.

KYVE originally intended to archive the history data of several chains onto Arweave as a smart contract. However, KYVE needed its own blockspace for scalability, a consensus layer for security, and more to reach its full potential.

The KYVE team launched its own Cosmos SDK Layer 1 blockchain in April 2022, using the Interchain Stack as a foundation because it is one of the most user-friendly, secure, and versatile app-building frameworks available.

The data infrastructure of Synternet is built on top of the Interchain Stack. By providing a permissionless real-time data infrastructure, Synternet enables developers to construct cross-chain decentralized applications (dApps) using composable data streams, providing a solution.

Synternet and similar applications necessitate specialized governance and scalability, both of which can be achieved with the help of the Interchain Stack architecture. 

Moreover, in the second quarter of 2024, Synternet plans to introduce its Layer 1 blockchain to the interchain ecosystem. Its purpose in making this strategic move is to deliver a Web3 data infrastructure platform that is efficient, trustworthy, scalable, and robust.

Data management concerns are the main cause of most problems, threats, and hacks that occur during Web3 development. In particular, there is an issue with the data’s accessibility, permanence, and usability. In the face of these difficulties, the real-time data provider Synternet and the historical data provider KYVE are collaborating to create a more robust and scalable Web3.

KYVE and Synternet collaborated in December 2023 to integrate their data solutions, thereby aggregating the entire Web3 ecosystem into a dependable dataset spanning from block genesis to the present. 

KYVE provides data roll-ups as a service (DRaaS), narrowing down dependable historical data storage while bringing about unparalleled upgradability and easy incorporation with a flexible stack.

Synternet helps boost flexible and interoperable data frameworks throughout every prime chain. The data layer, which enables builders to develop composable and interoperable apps capable of implementing every piece of data relevant to every chain, is at its center.

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