LaLiga and StadioPlus Strike a Global Licencing Agreement

On September 13th, Vegas City Ltd announced the completion of a strategic licensing deal on a collaborative initiative in the Decentraland metaverse. Decentraland, the first decentralized metaverse, was introduced in 2020 and is an online environment supported by the ETH blockchain. Participants of the Decentraland network can develop, consume, and monetize apps.

Along with interacting and participating in a wide variety of daily activities organized by the community. Decentraland is distinctive in that it was built, designed, and run by the users who use it daily. Visitors can propose ideas and even seek funds through this decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which the community can then agree on.

Vegas City Ltd is a firm that specializes in developing experiences based on the metaverse and blockchain. In contrast, StadioPlus is a Spanish business that provides technologies and guidance to the sporting world in linking it to the Web3 realm.

LaLiga has entered into a licensing arrangement with StadioPlus to utilize LaLiga’s Creative and Industrial Property Rights and related economic use in the Decentraland metaverse to engage younger audiences and foster connections with fans worldwide.

The Vegas City district, which holds Decentraland’s major sports, casino, and entertainment facilities, will be transformed into a collection of property parcels modeled after LaLiga due to this deal.

The goal of StadioPlus is to serve as a link between the current and the future of the sports business. Therefore, they are happy to have come to this arrangement with LaLiga, with whom they have been collaborating on the integration and expansion of the tournament in Decentraland for several months. Also, they are sure that they will deliver an excellent experience for football fans and enthusiasts as per the latest Web3 news updates.

LaLiga must keep coming up with new ideas to give their supporters the finest of the competition, both on and off the field. They will be able to connect with a large and diverse audience thanks to this licensing deal.

The football initiative that Vegas City Ltd is developing with LaLiga, StadioPlus, and Decentraland will astonish and provide fresh experiences for their viewers. They are using Decentraland’s resources to distribute high-quality, Web3-enabled materials.

To allow and develop encounters for all kinds of people is an element of Decentraland’s mission. They think sports are a fantastic venue for showcasing Web3 and decentralization’s potential. To bring the league, which has dozens of millions of followers worldwide, to the multiverse, they are thrilled to collaborate with StadioPlus on its integration in Decentraland.


The Decentraland metaverse shows how the blockchain ecosystem is always changing as it enters the entertainment and sports industries. It seeks to develop a decentralized, accessible virtual environment where users can interact and have encounters that are comparable to those found in the real world. Owing to blockchain technology, people may build distinctive avatars for socializing, exploring, and trading.

This licensing deal underlines LaLiga’s dedication to fresh ideas that help the Spanish league and its clubs connect with new fans and provide cutting-edge events to supporters all over the globe.

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