Lamborghini to Implement Blockchain in Supply Chain Operations via Salesforce

The glorious Italian historical brand Automobili Lamborghini has made a new announcement that it will induce blockchain technology from Salesforce, a cloud solution provider in its supply chain management operations.

Automobili Lamborghini is a manufacturer of super luxurious sports cars and super SUVs. Reportedly, it has decided to switch to Blockchain technology to improve the efficiency of the sales operations of its heritage vehicles.

The blockchain platform of Salesforce is based on Hyperledger Sawtooth. It provides a flexible and ready to use framework for the customers to develop their own customized blockchain network.

Why Blockchain Technology in Sales Operations?

When a Lamborghini (Lambo) is resold, it has to pass through approximately various 1000 certifications at its headquarters in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy.

To ensure the brand equity, the company ensures a long chain of verification operations during the sales process.

The company has to engage a wide network of people to check and maintain high-quality standards. It has to involve dealers, technicians, repair houses, auction houses, and photographers, etc. to prepare the service history of the luxury vehicle. It also has to ensure the originality of the car, including the spare parts and has to document every minute details of the car history, which consumes a long time and resources.

Thus, the company has summed upon blockchain technology to authenticate the heritage cars. Blockchain Technology, with its distributed and secure network, will link all the above entities together in one chain to make the procedure easy and less time-consuming. It will also provide transparency in the operations along with efficiency in the sales process.

With blockchain, each piece of Lambo will have transparent, immutable service records, restorations details, prior ownership details, and the entire set of essential verification documents.

Adam Caplan, SVP, Emerging Technology stated in the official release:

Blockchain is changing the way companies approach to trust and transparency. Lamborghini is a perfect example of this – we’re excited to see how an iconic brand is able to innovate and transform the vintage car market with a cutting edge technology like Salesforce blockchain.

Lamborghini is the fourth major customer of Salesforce, which has integrated blockchain technology to enhance its operations. Another Auto major Volvo, too, has revealed its plan to implement this technology in its electric cars.

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