LAMINA1 forms an exclusive collaboration with Interverse

LAMINA1, which is a blockchain that has been maximized for the sake of the open metaverse, has been successful in forging an exclusive collaboration with Interverse, which is basically an iGaming and Ai organization. They are involved in the building of individualistic, socially oriented gaming with regard to various brands, as well as businesses. The fact of collaboration was spelled out at the Augmented World Expo 2023. Through this joining up, it will be possible to bring about XR sports and turn it into reality. 

They will together be contributing towards the Early Access Program, which will open the doors for selective gaming and for developers of metaverse to have connectivity with its blockchain, as well as the necessary tools for builders and get exposure at the launch of LAMINA1. There will also be the building of an array of in-game digital paraphernalia and NFTs. 

According to the CEO of Interverse, Kevin Oranje, they are glad to be a part of the program and be in the position of offering unique games related to the sporting arena and more. Further, in his viewpoint, the entire team is extremely excited at the opportunity to do their bit in taking forward the associated brands coming into the Web3 fold in terms of social gaming and other related factors. 

Interverse is the fourteenth member of the LAMINA1 Early Access Program, the others being names such as Amber Studio, as well as Dubit,, HTC VIVE, and a whole lot of others. As a matter of fact, HTC has plans to join up with LAMINA1 for being able to take the help of Interverse’s Degan Royale gaming IP for displaying the metaverse-related functions that will be offered to the VIVERSE platform. There will also be a special edition NFT skin having HTC’s latest VIVE XR Elite headset.

If one goes by the viewpoint of the Chief Business Officer of LAMINA1, Geraldine Pamphile, their aim is to be able to support developers by providing the required tools for opening the doors to new-age online exposure. 

They are also looking forward to scouring ways of visualizing the many ways in which the prime brands connected with sports and entertainment are able to set foot into the blockchain, as well as the metaverse arena.  

Roxanne Williams

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