Largest Energy Provider Wien Energie of Austria Unites with Bosch; together to launch Blockchain Powered Refrigerator

Did you hear about a blockchain powered fridge? If not then you should know because one has recently announced of developing a blockchain fridge during an ANON Blockchain Summit Austria, which is currently taking place in the country.

The largest service provider of Austria, Wien Energie announced that it has successfully designed a blockchain integrated fridge. To develop the fridge, Wien Energie has collaborated with the technology giant firm Bosch.

As per the announcement, Wien Energie and the tech giant Bosch have utilized the decentralized system to develop the refrigerator.

Wien Energie introduced the new model at the crypto conference on April 3, held in Vienna. The official announcement states that for the first time, the refrigerator is constructed by using the decentralized technology (DLT).

You might worry that the new blockchain based fridge could freeze your crypto assets, it’s important to know that it has nothing to do with cryptocurrencies. The main objective of the project is to grow the consumer interest in the renewable consumption of energy; you can use wind power plant or solar panel or use green energy to charge your fridge. Every kilowatt utilized by the fridge can be monitored back to its source, the report reads.

The refrigerators new model driven by blockchain is yet to open for sale. The new model will be verified and tested and might even upgrade with features before making it available to the public in the market.

The important feature of the product is that it can be operated by using a smartphone. With the help of the smartphone, the user can manage the temperature of the fridge and freezer, check if the door is closed properly or no, and even monitor the consumption of energy and CO2 emissions.

The report states, the product will be tested with three pilot consumers in future days.

Save Energy by Using Blockchain Technology

The CEO of Wien Energie, Peter Gonitzer mentioned that a blockchain is a great tool, can be used to minimize energy waste. He further said that the blockchain technology could be a perfect tool to discover smart ways, to lower how energy is wasted without the consumer’s knowledge.

According to Wien Energie CEO, the decentralized ecosystem might contribute to creating a transparent and user-friendly energy market.

Additionally, the largest energy provider firm of Austria Wien Energie is now thinking of using blockchain technology on a large scale. Experiments are already carried out to implement it, and the company has even entered into partnerships with various companies like Riddle & Code and Bosch. The Riddle & Code will assist the firm in deploying the decentralized framework; the decentralized framework will be utilized in urban development areas of Austria.

As per the release, the design has been developed, and the trail will begin within a few months, around 100 residents will take part in the initial process. The project aim is to find about which smart energy tariffs will operate within the area. If the project is successful, then it will be scaled to use smart energy across all the areas.

Wien Energie is even working with blockchain driven electric cars. The initial trials of the technology are developed jointly with Riddle & Code in Vienna.

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