LasMeta Partnering With Apexaverse to Create a Poker Community

LasMeta recently announced a partnership with Apexaverse to build the biggest poker community. The collaboration will also see competent projects becoming a contributor to its P2E poker game.

This way, the projects will help different races to gather on a unified circuit and collaborate in games at the same time. It will increase brand value, popularity, and awareness of LasMeta.

In addition, other strategic partners will also participate in maintaining a perfect synergy. With LasMeta’s assistance, different projects can meet new investors, and other projects to help each other. Investors and users of the associates can also benefit from the partnership.

As a decentralized play-to-earn game developed on Cardano, Apexaverse will also play a big role in the partnership. They will also offer users an iOS & Android app with a browser-based game.

These apps will help users compete in different domains, earning NFTs and other collectibles. AXV, the native utility token, will power the platform. Apexaverse aims to become the best Web 3.0 and Metaverse-focused game on the network.

It will allow the users to participate in a limitless universe with the perks of crypto earning and strategic gameplay. Besides being a utility token, AVX will also be used as a medium of value and exchange in the metaverse.

The token will help players trade, modify, buy, and sell in-game assets. Moreover, AXV will serve as the entry point for different metaverse domains accessing quests and areas, and it will also be used for leveling up and in-game items. In simple terms, it will become the digital currency for the digital realm.

The projects invite users to learn more about the partnership on their social media channels.

Trevor Holman

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