Last Expedition open for Early Access Token owners

Last Expedition is now allowing Early Access Token owners to participate in play, which was previously only accessible for Last Expedition Node Operators (OPs). With the exponential increase in Early Access Tokens coming into the picture, it seems to be a fresh beginning for Last Expedition Early Access. It is to be known that Early Access Tokens offer the holder connectivity to every Early Access playtest creation until the time of Last Expedition’s Beta deliverance.

Last Expedition made certain changes to the Early Access Token as a result of moving to GalaChain to comply with all of their game-related criteria. All buyers of Operator’s License Bundles will currently receive a new edition of the Early Access Token that was recently minted on GalaChain. The earlier version is now out of date.

Presently, every Early Access Token is a one-of-a-kind GalaChain-minted piece that comes with an ID number. It is made possible for operators to allocate these tokens to all who they feel deserve early access to the fascinating game.

In the case of those who are not running their own Last Expedition Node and carrying a baggage of Early Access Tokens for subscriptions, they will be in for a shining token that they can own in the Hunter’s Early Access Pass, which is accessible for $50 in all Gala Games outlets. The games will be delivered on the Gala Games platform, but Epic Games organizes the build.

One of the most used features is driven by player-owned nodes. The user will be able to manage his own server in the event of a Last Expedition OP. The Summer Operator’s License Bundle is currently available in Gala Games stores. It has 4 Early Access Tokens, along with a Forest Snapper OP Mod predator and subscription to the OP Mod club.

Along with the fearsome predators, a large quantity of costly minerals and resources are out for the kill. The idea is to protect oneself from them.

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