Launch of Pundi X, Merchandise Store Driven by Origin Protocol

Pundi X launches its merchandise store with a difference. It will offer branded Pundi X products to community members, therefore meeting a long-standing demand from them.

The new store will be driven by Origin Protocol, a leader in the e-commerce segment based entirely on the Blockchain and a distributed peer-to-peer file system. The e-commerce platform Dshop is powered by IPFS, and customers can buy the Pundi X products through a wide range of payment gateways. These include credit cards in their respective country’s currency and cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, NPXS, and OGN. Origin Protocol has a long list of accomplishments, having created Dshops like Google Cloud, Kyber Network, Brave, and more.

The announcement was made by Pundi X via their Twitter handle. Check it out at

Pundi X co-founder and CEO, Zac Cheah, is excited about the future. He says that it has always been the Pundi X’s goal to ensure that the number of Blockchain users is increased to create a niche for a community-driven store. He has always wanted to launch a Pundi X merchandise store that would have products designed by community members.

He is also optimistic about the added efficiency that Pundi X will derive by being on the Origin Protocol platform since it provides an optimized solution to operate the store on the Blockchain. Pundi X can thereby focus on the store’s growth while Origin Protocol takes care of the back-end infrastructure.

Pundian community members can now have it easy and submit their designs by simply uploading a request form. Once the designs are approved, the payment will be via 1% of the swag’s sales price or in the cryptocurrency of choice.

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