Lawmakers & blockchain innovators to meet for bitcoin reflection

Lawmakers & blockchain innovators to meet for bitcoin reflection

Congressman Ro Khanna is initiating a meeting to reflect on the stand of the US towards bitcoin and blockchain. In attendance will be the US lawmakers, as well as the big-time players involved in the innovation of blockchain technology. 

This is slated for sometime in July and will witness the Biden administration, as well as House and Senate representatives, along with stalwarts with the blockchain industry, an answer to the support that the crypto space is attracting from the former President, Donald Trump.  

Of late, Trump was extremely vocal about his stand and inclination towards the crypto space, running down the Democrats in this regard. 

Crypto seemingly is being politicized, with certain sections of society pumping in large volumes of funding toward crypto-inclined candidates. However, the Co-Founder and CEO of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, refrained from selecting any side. 

In his opinion, all need to contemplate the issue. He was instrumental in discussing the matter with at least thirteen senators in Washington. He strongly is of the view-point that clarity about crypto regulations is the absolute need of the hour. 


As of date, bitcoin has witnessed a jump b 0.34%, standing at $66,265.69, whereas, in the case of Ethereum, it is a 1.01% rise, the price value being $3,565.17.

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